Starbucks: Free Drinks When you Register Your Gift Card

Did you happen to get a Starbucks Gift Card as a present this year?  Well, ieven if you didn’t you may want to learn about this extra Starbucks perk.

You can get free drinks when you register your Starbucks  Card.  Here are some of the freebies you can get:

  • Free drink of your choice on your birthday
  • Use your registered card 5 times and qualify for free syrups added to your drinks.
  • Once you use the card 30 times you hit Gold status and start earning a free beverage for every 15 times you use your card.  Starbucks will mail you a postcard coupon to get your free drink.

I registered my card just to get the free drink on my birthday. I could use a free latte anyday!

Thanks My frugal Adventures!