Three-Month Baby Expense Update

It’s been three months since I started tracking expenses for my youngest son. Here is an update on the different categories:

  1. Clothing: I have only spend $15 on an outfit I bought him and he quickly outgrew without ever wearing it (yeah, very unfrugal). He has been able to do with wearing hand me downs from his oldest brother. However I do see a kink in this plan. Youngest son was born in December and oldest was born in March. I think the problem will come when summer rolls around because son #2 will be bigger then than the summer clothes we have from son #1. So, I expect this category to grow a little.
  2. Feeding: Except from some bottles I bought before baby was born I haven’t spent any money on this. Breastfeeding has saved us a ton of money.
  3. Medical Expenses: This is where most of our expenses have occurred.
  • Let’s start with the birth, we were charged $2170 by the hospital for his stay and care there. Plus an additional $273 for visit from the Ped while he was there.
  • He had a five day check up and that only cost us $55.
  • Then he had a visit to a pediatric urologist when he was 10 days old for $285 in charges.
  • When he was 3 weeks old he came down with a urinary tract infection. ER care totaled $765, plus two nights hospital stay $3883 and charges for visits form his Ped while he was there of $267. Then he had ultrasound and X-rays done to check his kidneys = $257. 10 days later he had a follow up visit with his Pediatrician $85.
  • Total medical billing so far = $8040. This is the total our insurance has been charged. Since we have had problems with some of those bill submissions our total copay is still not clear so I need to get that straightened out.
  • We still haven’t gotten billed for his 2 month baby check up where he got shots. He is also going for one follow up ultrasound in 3 weeks. However, in general he has been an very healthy baby since the unfortunate UTI.

You can check out the link on the right bar side for the updated expense file. But don’t you think this is worth it?

Born 6lbs 13 oz, he’s now 14 lbs @ 3 months old!