Tips for Getting Rid of Your Cable Bill and Still Watching Your Favorite Shows

cableCable is a bill that most people pay for, but I bet we can all agree that it’s far too expensive. Unfortunately, it’s not like you have much of a selection when it comes to choosing a cable provider. In other words, there’s really not much competition in the market place, so you’re going to have to pay whatever the cable company tells you to pay.

Unfortunately, this gives a lot of people the feeling that they’re trapped and they don’t have any other options. Well, you can drop your cable bill and you surprisingly won’t have to give up watching the shows you love when you do it. Dropping your cable bill and switching to subscription-based services will allow you to watch shows whenever you deem it convenient and you’ll probably discover some great shows you never knew about, as well.

Want to find out how you can save money by dropping your cable bill, but still watching your favorite tv shows? Scroll down to find some tips I have for you.

#1. Get Netflix

I’ve had Netflix for a long time and I use it a lot. Netflix is absolutely loaded with movies. Some are old, some are new, but Netflix is constantly adding new stuff to keep the content fresh. You can get a subscription to the service for as little as $8 per month. This subscription package will give you unlimited access to the Netflix streaming service, which has thousands of movies and television shows for you to choose from.

Do you want a wider selection of films and shows to choose from? You can upgrade your plan for just a couple extra bucks and you will be able to gain access to practically any movie that’s ever been released on DVD or blu-ray and Netflix will send it to you in the mail. After you’re done with it, you can just send it back. Netflix is extremely convenient and it’s extremely affordable.

#2. Get Hulu Plus

If you want to expand your streaming selection, you may want to look into Hulu Plus. I personally think that Netflix is better, but if you use both, you’ll have a much wider selection of stuff to watch. Hulu Plus is mostly for television watchers, as they have a ton of televisions shows you can access when you become a member.

Netflix is great for catching up on past episodes of television shows, but Hulu Plus keeps you up-to-date with the latest episodes of your favorite shows. When you combine Netflix with Hulu, you’ll save a ton of money, as you won’t have a cable bill, but it’s still like you have cable, because you have access to so many shows.

There’s definitely some room for improvement with Hulu Plus, but you can’t complain too much when you’re saving so much money.

#3. Get Amazon Prime

This is a service that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention, but it certainly should. Amazon Prime, in my opinion, is the closest you’re going to get to Netflix as far as streaming movie selection is concerned. It only costs around $80 per year and you also receive free 2-day shipping on any orders placed through