Tips For Making Relocating Easier

Moving around the corner is much easier than trekking across the country. This is because you can rent a small truck and make multiple trips at your convenience. However, you can make your long-distance move easier by planning ahead and keep costs down by getting creative. Listed below are various tips, some new and some familiar, to help you with your move.

Finding Movers

More than likely if you are relocating across the country movers are the preferred option. This is among the first things you want to secure. You can check online, contact family and friends and even co-workers to see if they can give you the name of a company such as North American Van Lines that stands apart from the rest. Once you have a short list of the movers who meet the criteria, contact them to get a written estimate. It’s also important to read the fine print and check for the added fees for things like going over your box count, the movers don’t have clear access to your property and need to prepare large appliances for a move. If at all possible secure the movers fast so that the date you need is available. Another tip, move during the week, Monday through Thursday. The demand is lower and the rates are slightly less.

Clearly Mark Boxes

The last things you want when you arrive at your new home is to have a large collection of boxes piled up and no clue as to where they belong. The best way to avoid this is to acquire large labels with ruled lined and a black sharpie. As you pack a box before you seal it, write on a separate piece of paper a list of the items inside. On the outside, you can generalize and leave out items of value from the list for obvious reasons. If you want to take the organized system a step further, you can number your boxes and color code them so that all you really need to do is place the same color labels into the same room.

Packing up Clothing and Bedding

Clothes and bedding can take up a lot of additional boxes, translating to a high moving expense. Instead, leave the clothing that’s already neat and organized in your drawers and cover them with saran wrap or press n seal to prevent shifting during the move. This also works well for your jewelry and collectibles. For clothing hanging in your closet, you can use zip-ties for garments on hangers to keep them together and secure. When it comes to your bedding and pillows vacuum seal containers can help you get two to three times more into one box. Also, most movers remove the legs from dressers and take beds apart. Keep an assortment of small and large zip-lock bags available to hold all of the pieces and the hardware. When packing up breakables, such as plates stack them vertically and glasses you can use newspaper.


Boxes can cost quite a bit of money, even if you opt to do the packing on your own. To avoid the cost of the boxes altogether, head to your local grocery store or favorite retail store and inquire about their shipment dates and acquiring their boxes. Since they have to dispose of them anyway, chances are good you’ll get more than you need, for free.

Preparing and overnight bag

Whether you rent a truck or hire movers, chances are good that the last you want to do when you first arrive at your new home, is to start emptying boxes. To avoid this, pack an overnight bag with a change of clothes, your blow dryer, shampoo, toothbrush and other essentials. This way you can get a good night’s rest and start fresh and revived with the unpacking in the morning.

Cleaning Your New Home

In most cases, when you hire a moving company, you arrive a day or two before your furnishings. If this is the case for you, take advantage of having an empty home and go room by room scrubbing walls and ceilings and maybe add a fresh coat of paint. With the home empty it also provides you with the perfect opportunity for giving your home a thorough inspection to make sure everything works and that there are no leaks or other damage.