5 Places You Can Find Free Moving Boxes

Cardboard-Moving-Boxes-32695_imageI’ve moved a ton of times in my life and it’s never a good feeling. Even though you’re excited to move into your new place, you still have to move all of your stuff over to the new place and that’s just not a fun experience. It’s expensive to move first of all and second of all it’s a major pain on your back. The experience is even more difficult when you have children. If you’re moving soon and you want to save a little bit of money, I’m going to give you some tips below on how to find some free moving boxes.

*READ THIS FIRST* I see a ton of people that will go to a company, like U-Haul, and purchase moving boxes. They’re expensive and you’re probably only going to use them one time and then toss them out. Do not buy boxes when you can get them for free. It makes absolutely no sense to buy boxes.

#1. Craigslist

My husband and I got some serious help from Craigslist when we were moving one time. I posted that I needed some moving boxes and I got a response from a man that said he had just moved to the area and I could take as many of his moving boxes as I wanted. He sat them outside of his home, I ran over and took what I needed. It was easy, quick, free and painless.

#2. Facebook is Your Friend

I see a lot of people on my newsfeed say that they are moving soon and ask people if they have any extra boxes around their home that they could use. Typically, these people get a ton of responses and a ton of free boxes for them to use. Therefore, never be afraid to ask your friends and family on Facebook. People love to help others.

#3. Go to a Liquor Store

This may sound like a crazy tip, but liquor stores have a ton of boxes that they need to get rid of. Shipments of alcohol arrive in small, sturdy boxes. These types of boxes are great to store your glass and breakable items in.

#4. Go to U-Haul

Now, I instructed you above not to buy boxes from U-Haul, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go there. U-Haul actually has a small area where people, like you, can place their used boxes for others to use completely free. This is awesome, because it allows people to get rid of their used boxes and they’re also giving out free boxes to people in need of boxes. So, go in U-Haul and take all the free boxes you want.

#5. Offices

Offices receive a lot of shipments of new supplies, so they usually have a ton of boxes on-hand that they would be more than happy to get rid of. Therefore, it never hurts to go to some office buildings and simply ask if they have any unwanted boxes. You never know, you may even get your hands on some of those filing/document boxes that have the handles on them, so they’re easier to carry.