Top 5 Graphic Design Apps for Students

As a graphics design student, you will want to make sure you have information on the best apps being used in the industry. We have created a list of top-rated options that are being used by students at schools all over the world. These all offer great features and allow you to complete your projects with ease!

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SketchBook Pro

Any art or graphic design student will want to have the best tools available. When enrolled in a graphics art program, you will find you will need to use various apps and resources to complete lessons and achieve the best grades. With SketchBook Pro, you can create an illustration right from scratch and can create drawings using over 100 paintbrushes. This app is best suited for those that are creating various digital drawings or sketches and can also be useful when coloring.


  • Advanced drawing tools included
  • Use layers to create the best designs
  • Use any picture and convert it to digital form for editing


  • Canvas updating is slow when using symmetry functions
  • Tools are only designed for drawing
  • The size of the canvas is restricted and is not good for creating drawings from scratch


One great graphic design software for students is PANTONE Studio. Students will learn that in all design practices, color is an essential thing. With Pantone Studios, you can build color palettes, take photos from a camera and use a color picker to choose specific colors or even extract images from social media accounts. This app allows you to work with color palettes using a mobile device, which is great for creating and editing college projects.


  • Apply colors to template designs
  • Great library of standardized hues
  • Articles on industry trends


  • Can be costly
  • Not all colors are available

Adobe Illustrator CC

Anyone looking for apps for graphic design will benefit from the use of Adobe Illustrator. The app can easily be used to create a variety of illustrations, fonts, and graphics. Many designers will use this app to create web graphics, posters, and more. Teachers at universities recommend Adobe Illustrator to create illustrations that can be inserted into other files. If you are a student working on a project that requires the development of logos, visual marketing materials, or even reports or manuals, this app will meet your needs. 


  • Software is always being updated to include new tools and resources
  • Create complex designs with no loss of quality
  • Work can be exported in multiple formats


  • Not suited for beginners due to the overwhelming number of features
  • App has fewer tools than the computer program
  • Files can become large and difficult to share

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is an amazing vector graphics editor that has been designed to act as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator. This app offers a modern interface that provides all the tools needed to complete your project. If you are studying web design or game development, this is one of the best apps available. Currently, it is only available for iOS devices and is the best option for vector artists. 


  • Live previews are available
  • No size limits on images
  • Simple editing tools that do not alter quality


  • No plugin capabilities offered
  • Some illustrator functions are lacking
  • Can be hard to layer 


InkScape is a free app for any student and it is similar to Adobe Illustrator. This app is also a vector graphics design system that will allow you to create work that can then be resized or redesigned without worrying about any distortion. This app is best for beginners who are just learning the ropes of graphic design and is a great learning tool.  


  • Uses open-source coding
  • Plugins are available
  • Includes freeform text, a gradient tool, and filters that are preset


  • Software may be slow
  • Errors and bugs are known when using on Mac
  • Transfers may not work well


With these useful apps, you can have access to amazing tools on your smartphones and tablets. They all offer a variety of features that can be beneficial no matter what area of design you are studying. You will find that many of these apps are being used by professional designers, so they will truly help you prepare for a great career.