Unique Cookie Recipes



Who here loves cookies? Okay, please tell me I’m not the only one shouting yes! I know that I need to cut back on the sweets, but it’s technically still a holiday weekend so that can wait until tomorrow. Today I’m focusing on fun and unique cookies!

My nephew has a birthday coming up and he absolutely loves cookies so I am planning to make a platter to add to his birthday goodies! Instead of the typical sugar cookie, chocolate chip cookie list, this time I am adding some unique cookies to the mix. 

Unique Cookie Recipes

All of these unique cookie recipes are fun and will get all of the cookie monsters in your life excited! I mean, seriously, how cute and yummy do these all look! Come on, get baking with me!

Lion King Paw Print Cookies

My nephew absolutely loves the Lion King so when I spotted this recipe for Lion King Paw Print Cookies, I just knew that he was going to love it. You do need to have a few special tools in hand, but I have a while until I make these so I’m not too stressed about ordering them in time. 

Do you have a Lion King fan in your life? Would they love these cookies?

Rainbow Chocolate Truffles

Okay, technically not cookies, but close enough right?! I mean, I love truffles and if I saw a cookie platter in front of me that had these rainbow chocolate truffles, I can assure you that I would definitely be picking these. The kids will love them too. I mean, they do have sprinkles. 

Chocolate Cherry Crinkle Cookies

Chocolate Cherry Crinkle Cookies. Need I say more? These look like they would be absolutely delicious and because I have all of the ingredients for them at home, I will soon be finding out!