Update to Blue Dolphin Groupon Deal

It has been brought to my attention that the All You Magazine deal on groupon may have hit a snag.  It looks like the voucher you get after you purchase this deal tell you to use your voucher using the following link:  https://www.bluedolphin.com/Groupon.  Unfortunately, when you use that link you will not find All You as an available magazine.  But if you search Blue Dolphin https://www.bluedolphin-magazines.com/ you will.

I am seriously unhappy about this bait and switch.  The Groupon deal page lists two different links and not until you get the voucher you are told to use a specific link.  Here is my advice, if you bought this deal to buy All You Magazine, then contact Groupon and ask for your money back.

I am sorry about the hassle this may have caused you.  There were two different links on the Groupon deal page and no specific wording as to which one you needed to use to redeem your voucher.

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