Want Freebies? Join Kraft First Taste

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If you haven’t heard about Kraft First Taste, then you probably have not been reading this blog for very long *wink*. It’s OK, it’s actually time I bring it up again. Kraft First Taste is a community set up by Kraft that allows their members to be the first ones to try new Kraft products. I have been a member for maybe a year now and have had a chance to be the one of the first ones to try and get valuable coupons for: Jell-O Singles, Oscar Mayer Deli Creations, Di Giorno Flatbreads, and more.  Just about two weeks ago I received their latest invitation to try their new Velveeta Cups.  I received the coupon for two free cups this afternoon actually.  The best part is that when you get an invitation you may also get a chance to share this invitation with friends so they can also try the product for FREE. It’s a really great community to join and if you are not a member yet you are missing out.

Another great community to join, also sponsored by Kraft, is Kraft Foods. With all of those Kraft Food coupons I have actually been using it often to find recipes using all of these products I have been getting for very cheap. So, if you are looking for meal ideas and recipes using Kraft products, you may want to join Kraft Foods as well. >