What to Know Before You Layaway

Santa Carrying Shopping BagsEvery year it seems as if Layaway policies change from store to store. So before you start adding items into your shopping cart and headed to layaway, be sure to know before you layaway by reading the terms. Also, take note that while using a layaway program is a great alternative to using credit cards, it’s always best to set monies aside and pay cash for holiday gifts. As always, don’t over spend and purchase only the necessary items.

Interesting fact: Did you know layaway programs came about during the Great Depression because of the struggling economy?



* Kmart Layaway Policy

No Service Fee on New Layaways made on 9/8/13 through 11/23/13

* $5 Service fee 8 week contract or $10 for 12 week contract

* $15 Cancellation Fee

* $20 or 10% (whichever is greater) down payment

* 8 weeks to pay on layaway (bi-weekly, 4 payments), in stores and online (look for layaway image)

* They also have a 12 week in-store plan for layaways of $300+


* Sears Layaway Policy

* $20 or 20% down, whichever is greater

* $5 service fee

* $15 cancellation fee

* 8 weeks to pay on layaway (bi-weekly), in stores and online (look for layaway image)

* They also have a 12 week in-store plan for layaways of $300+

TJ Maxx

* TJ Maxx Layaway Policy

Not all stores offer layaway, check with your nearest location

* $10 deposit and service fee required

* $5 Create Fee, non-refundable

* $5 cancellation fee

* Items must be paid for and picked up within 30 days

* Jewelry, Furniture and Clearance items are not permitted in layaway

Toys R Us

* Toys R Us Layaway Policy

* 10% deposit

* $5 Service Fee

* 50% of payoff must be paid within 60 days

* Payoff and items removed from layaway within 90 days or Holiday Cutoff date, whichever is sooner

* Cancellation fee of $10, some states differ


*Walmart Layaway Policy

* Layaway begins September 13 and ends December 13, 2013

* Toys, Electronics, small appliances, select sporting goods (basketball goals, trampolines, etc.), large exercise equipment & jewlery

* Ad Match Guarantee is accepted for Layaway items

* Price of item must be $15 +

* Price of total order must be $50 +

* Must put at least 10% down payment on layaway or $10, whichever is greater

* If order is cancelled, Walmart will NOT refund the opening fee (except OH)

* An expanded list of eligible categories: including small home appliances and select sporting goods such as basketball goals, trampolines and large exercise equipment. Customers can also use layaway for a broad selection of electronics, toys and jewelry.