Yes You Can Afford Extracurricular Activities for Your Kids!

afford extracurricular activitiesAs a parent, we want to give our kids the best opportunities available. From piano to martial arts, we want them to have it all and be well rounded little individuals.

The only problem is, no matter how much we want it, we can’t always afford extracurricular activities for kids. Well, at least not all of the ones they want to partake in.

To make matters worse, kids can be fickle little people. What strikes their fancy today may be the bane of their existence tomorrow. So, all of that money we drop on fancy violin lessons now may be wasted when they decide the violin in passé in the near future.

The good news is, though, that while we may not be able to give them access to every type of lesson available, we can afford extracurricular activities for kids! With some compromise and a little creative financing, that is.

Limit Extracurricular Activities

Kids can be pretty ambitious at times, and they may think that they can easily handle several different lessons and activities. The truth is, though, that saddling most kids with too many lessons and activities will not only break your budget, but it can also put undue stress on them. It’s best to limit your child’s extracurricular activities to just one or two to save money and their sanity.

Learn Together

If you have the time and patience, consider learning a skill with your kids together at home. You can make a small investment in necessary equipment and look up free information on the Internet. It’s a great way to bond and spend time together, and you’ll be able to afford extracurricular activities that may otherwise be unattainable.

Ask Friend and Family Members

Is your Aunt Sally a master at the piano? If your little one is itching to bang away at the ivory, consider asking your Aunt to give her a few lessons. Friends and family members are often full of amazing talents, and most wouldn’t mind helping out. You could score an amazing deal on some invaluable and fun lessons or extracurricular activities for kids.


The age old system of bartering is still alive and kicking. If you’re running low on cash and your little one want to take some lessons, consider putting your skills to the test and asking for a trade.

Lighten the Load

Do your kids really need three lessons each week? By dropping it to two or even one lesson per week, you may be able to lessen your monthly cost and make it more affordable. Fewer lessons per week also means a little less stress on your little ones.

Split the Cost

If you’re co-parenting with an ex, a great way to be able to afford extracurricular activities for kids is to split the cost. Have a talk with the other parent. They may be willing to go halfsies on lessons or extracurricular activities for the kids, so it will be affordable for both of you.

Have Them Gifted

Extracurricular activities and lessons also make great gifts. Instead of piling up your kids with mountains of toys, gadgets, and clothes on birthdays, consider paying for lessons or other extracurricular activities. You can even ask other relatives and friends to contribute in lieu of gifts.

What tricks and tips do you use to afford extracurricular activities or lessons for your kids?