Final Halloween Spending Tally

Ok, so trick or treating was today in my community. I think we got around 30 children or so. Not too bad, I think. A few weeks ago I wrote about how much I had spent on Halloween so far. Here’s an update. Final amount spent:
$5.99 toddler’s lion costume at thrift shop
$1.5 two bags of Hershey’s PB cups miniatures
$1.09 bag of Nestle crunch miniatures
$2.10 two bags of Candy
Total $ 10.68

My son did end up putting on his costume. At the beginning he didn’t want to put on the mane part, but once he was told he needed it in order to get candy, he was convinced. In my terribly biased opinion he looked adorable walking around in his costume. He was also very reasonable when the time came to give up most of his candy. I was amazed, different challenge next year, I am sure.