Amazon: Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil for $11

What a great deal on Organic Coconut oil available right now.  Amazon is offering the two count pack of Nutiva Coconut oil for $12.03. You can then choose to subscribe and save to get an additional 15% off and get it for $10.87.   If after the item gets delivered you decide you do not want to receive regular deliveries of this product, then you can go into “your account” and cancel this subscribe and save option.

Now I want to share my experience using coconut oil. Up until recently I didn’t know what the big deal was with using coconut oil. I saw deals about it but I didn’t know why I should be using coconut oil. Until I read this blog post on Faithful Provisions on The Truth about Coconut Oil and I was convinced.

I really don’t cook with a lot of oil for mostly when I bake or make flour tortillas.  I have been using the oil to make homemade flour tortillas for my family and they come out so great, very flexible and soft.  My tortillas are coming out *almost as good* as my mom’s and that’s saying!  I can’t wait for her to come visit and see how good I have gotten at making them.

Anyways, if you would like to give coconut oil a try this is probably the most inexpensive way to do it.  I think you will be glad you switched to this for your baking and cooking.  I am.

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

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  • Cora-Sue

    coconut oil is very high in satuated fat so anyone with high cholesterol should not use it.Just wanted to let everyone know.

  • Dee

    Thanks for this info — I’ve been using coconut oil after reading a book with a hokey title — the coconut diet, which has actually helped me lose steadily each month and feel great. I usually purchase the 54 oz. container as the cheapest option, but this option beats that!

    A note to Cora-Sue — please check out some of the new information available about coconut oil; you might change your mind. 🙂

  • KimH

    Yum.. I love home made flour tortillas.. I grew up in South Texas (near Brownsville) and nothing compares to the tortillas I used to eat when I was a kid.. Corn or flour. Of course, the old mamas used manteca from pork.. Can you even find it anymore? It stunk to high heaven but man did it make some awesome tortillas. 😀

    Back to the Coconut Oil.. I have some but it has the coconut taste/smell so I dont use it very often.. Is this one coconut smelling?

    • Kim,

      I do have this coconut oil and it does smeall like coconut oil. I actually like the smell, it thought it was a yummu smell.


  • AC

    What is subscribe and save please?

    • Achara,

      You subscribe to have the item delivered to your home at certain intervals: 3,6,9 or 12 months. For doing that you get 15% off your order.


      • AC

        Thank you. I gave it a try 🙂

        • AC

          Hi Mercedes, I got them yesterday. It is great on my skin but I’m afraid to use it with food since they have such a high Sat. Fat.

          I also subscribe on subscribe and save. Do you know if it will lock in this price or it will be whatever they sell at that time when items got delivered?. Thanks!

  • KimH

    I have some masa trigo in the freezer.. maybe I’ll pull it out & make some tortillas with that coconut oil
    I like my eggs fried in coconut oil.. but mostly I use olive oil for everything..
    My family definitely doesnt like the coconut smell & flavor.. 😉
    Coconut tortillas.. yea.. sounds great to me. 😀

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