Flinstones Moneymaker and Free Stayfree at Walgreens through 1/10

flinstonesWalgreens has a Register Rewards promotions going on for Flinstones Vitamins: Buy $20 in product and get a $10 in Register rewards back.  This is the transaction I detailed for you in my weekly deals post:

Flinstones Children’s Vitamins 60ct $5
Buy $20 get $10 in register rewards back
Use $1/1 internet printable
Use $1/1 from Coloring Book
Pay $0.50 each after coupons and register rewards

There was a mail in rebate form in the 1/4 coupon inserts:  Bayer Special Half Price Offer up to $10 Refund.  The offer does exclude coupon savings, so if you bought $20 in product and used $4 in manufacturer coupons then your rebate should be up to $8.  After mail in rebate you should come out ahead $6.

Also, there was a coupon in the same inserts for buy one get one free Stayfree product.  There is also a coupon for $3 off any Stayfree 28 or 48 pack in the weekly Walgreens ad.  The 28 count bag of Maxi pads sells for $6.99.  This is how you can get two for free:

$13.98 for two Stayfree products
-6.99 buy one get one coupon
-1 internet printable coupon
-6 (deducted when in-ad coupon gets scanned)
= FREE after coupons

Remember to hand in coupons in this order to avoid any beeping.

Anita also emailed me with this deal she got on Centrum Vitamins.  They are also part of the “Buy $20 get $20 in RRs back” deal.  The Centrum Silver (100ct) and the Original (130 ct) are on sale for $7 each.  There were $3 off coupons in these past Sunday inserts.  After coupons and register rewards you pay $2 plus tax for three bottles.

Anna from Thirteen and Frugal, sent me an email to remind us that the One Touch Mini glucose meters are on sale for $14.99 and there was a $20 off coupon in these past Sunday’s inserts.  These make wonderful donations to free clinics.

Ton’s of deals at Walgreens this week.  Happy Shopping!

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  • Amanda

    I thought the Centrum vitamins were not a part of the deal. Isn’t it the One a Day?

    • Also the One a Day Amanda. The Centrums are in a box right next to this deal. I guess you could consider it a separate deal but alo giving $10 wyb $20.

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  • Christi

    I am not able to find the flintstones coupon that you have linked. am I missing it? i click on the link you have, and it goes to coupons.com, but no coupon for vitamins. Help!

  • Diana Wolf

    I can’t find the Flinstones coupon with the link. Is there a certain zip code I need to use!

    • Hi guys, I have fixed the link now. Hope that helps.

  • Betsy

    Which insert was the MIR form in? I can’t seem to find it.

  • heidi

    I went to stayfree link filled in the form and did not get a coupon.

  • heidi

    In the future if there is anyway you can link us to a coupon without installing the coupon printer I would really appreciate it. Whenever I get those links I can never install the printer – I’ve even asked my technical wizard husband to help and it doesn’t work. I’ve even gone to coupons inc. to try to solve the problem. Thanks.

  • sonia mcneely

    I didnt get the B1G1 :o(

  • Kara

    I have the same problem with the coupon printer install. I can’t print any of those either. I asked the guy at my work and he can’t figure it out either.

  • You can make $2 on the Bayer rebate and the RR deal that includes vitamins… see it here

  • Mark H

    Make sure you aren’t using Mozilla Firefox as your browser for the coupon printer. I’ve gotten Firefox to work, but it was way too much work 🙂

  • Amy

    Thanks so much for the Flintstones vitamin coupon – I was able to print 2 through Firefox. I don’t believe there is any way Mercedes can link you to a coupon if you don’t have the coupon printer installed. (nor is it her responsibility) You should use the help button if your coupon won’t print, located usually at the bottom of the print screen.
    Thanks again for all the great deals!!

  • Maria

    I couldn’t get the store coupon to work for the stayfree deal. I used manufacturer coupons and then wags coupons….the darn machine beeped! The Flintstones deal worked out well!! Thank you!!

    • Hi Maria,
      Did you get the right count of the Stayfree product? Those Walgreens coupons only work on what’s stated on the coupon.

  • For some reason I couldn’t get it to print either. It told me to install the software and I did and then it wouldn’t print. I already had the software installed. I tried this three times, but it wouldn’t ever get to print. Tried on IE and also on my Mac. 🙁 Oh well, I will use the Qs from the paper. 🙂

    • I am so sorry guys. I don’t know how to help you so you can print the coupons.

  • Lisa Fischer

    Can someone verify this for me. I bought 4 of the Flintstones today at Walgreens for $20, $5/each. I used 4 $1/1 mfg coupons. What will I get back from the MIR rebate? Will it be $9 (10 max – $1 coupon) or $6 ($10 max – $4 in coupons) or will it be $4 ($5 for one – $1 coupon) I’m so confused!!

    • Hi Lisa,
      I don’t have a copy of the form but from what I understand you should get $8. You spent $20, use $4 in coupons, half of that is $8.
      Hope that helps,

  • Letty

    Are the Flintstone Gummies or Centrum Performance included in the sale? Those are the ones my family uses. I went to Walgreens Sunday before this posted and only want to go back if those products are included. Thanks!

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  • Diana Wolf

    My Walgreens didn’t know anything about the coloring books. That makes 3 great offers I miss out on. The flinstones, stayfree and electosol. I didn’t get any of the coupons in my paper!

  • Erin

    I was able to print coupons from flintstonesvitamins.com

  • Lisa Fischer

    i got both the gummies & the boxed chewables. Got the RR on both. May do it 1 more time, cause $6 for 4 bottles is a great deal for us! I’ve got 4 kids taking these so they go fast!

  • Rachael

    For the flintstones deal I gave mfc first then the color book coupon and it wouldn’t take it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
    Rachael 🙂

  • Elle

    I went to Wags on Tuesday for the Flintstones deal (among others). I had 2 IP coups and 2 from the newspaper for the vitamins. I gave these first and then the coloring book coupon. It worked beautifully. Thanks, Mercedes!
    Re: Rachel, I bought the coloring book back in December and used the Zooth toothbrush coupon for a deal they had going on then. The coloring book coup wouldn’t scan, and the cashier tried to give it back to me apologetically. I, politely (I think!), asked him to try again, and he entered it manually and it worked. This time around the vitamin coupon from the coloring book worked just fine. Not sure what made the difference except that I was in a different store.

  • sara

    I don’t think our Wags had the $3 off on the Stayfree. I can’t find it anywhere in the ad. Was this in the coloring book as well?

    • No, this coupon is in the weekly sales circular not the coloring book.

  • heidi

    First I want to tell you on another blog on comments I read that the bayer rebate is on only one purchase of each different type of item mentioned. So, you could not buy 5 flintstones and get that rebate. The person who told that had called bayer. That is very sad because the form does not say that and we should all call in and complain. Also, I found some other good deals at Walgreens. I bought the Auto Expressions air freshener for free after rebate – turned it over and found a free coupon for a refill inside my package. Also, something I haven’t seen mentioned is this week you can buy two sally Hansen Lip Inflation B1g1 and this month there is also a $1.00 coupon in the ESR book so that would be about 5.00 for both instead of around 14.00. Also, in my sunday ad there is a coupon for 9.99 off freestyle lite blood monitor and the Walgreens ad said there is a rebate for 9.99 on the package so that would be a moneymaker and you could donate it if you don’t use them.

  • sara

    I am so disappointed. Our Walgreens didn’t have Electrosol for $3.49, NOR did it have a $3.00 off Stayfree coupon in the flyer. What’s up with that??? I am in Colorado. Up until now, I have been able to find all of the Walgreens deals. Does anyone know if anything has changed?