Focus Forward: Up to $875 in Market Research Opportunities


Looking to make some money from home?  One easy way I have found to do this is by participating in market research studies.  I was introduced to Focus Forward, a company that does this, via the blog Money Saving Methods.  If you have not checked out Money Saving Methods yet, Carrie, the owner, shares not only money saving offers but mostly money making opportunities.

Yesterday she  shared about the following studies currently available:

  • Nationwide College Students Study – $50
  • Nationwide Women’s Produce Study – $150
  • 1 Week Health Study Journal – $350
  • Nationwide Men & Women Craft Study – $50
  • $125 Nationwide Study for Creative Thinkers
  • $150 New York City Study on Cell Phones

If you are interested in learning more about these studies or think you may qualify for any of them check out Carrie’s posts here and here.  You will find all of the information to become a member of Focus Forward and how to sign up for these studies.

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  • Nancy

    I’m interested in anything that can make me money (LOL) but am not sure how market research studies work. Do I have to go somewhere to participate in a panel discussion, or is this something I do at home on my own time?

    • Nancy,

      They could be both ways but these ones I posted about are from home.


  • Nancy

    Thanks so much. I signed up through Carrie’s site.

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