Homemade Halloween Costumes How-Tos

I was looking around for ideas on how to make a Mario Bro’s costume because my almost three year old asked to be one for Halloween.  I had already figured a blue overall and red long sleeve shirt would cut it.  I just need to make him an oversize red hat.  But I also found this other idea on Instructables.  Then I started poking around and found a few others that I thought would be neat you show you:

Lego Man Costume

Here is a simpler one Lego Halloween costume

There are tons more available and some are amazing like this Transformers costume.

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  • Amanda

    I was trying to decide what to do for halloween since money is pretty tight this year. Goodwill has an amazing selection in our area- we got a really nice costume for our son for $3.38. I was soooo happy!

  • Joy

    Two years ago my twin boys were Mario and Luigi for Halloween. I just used denim overalls and long sleeved red and green shirts. For the hat, I just took green and red baseball caps we already owned and added a white adhesive felt circle. Then, I took pre-cut felt adhesive letters M (red) and L (green) from craft store and attached to the white circles. I also made yellow felt buttons to attach to straps of overalls. My boys didn’t want me to draw moustaches on them with mascara, so we skipped those. They also wore a pair of those cheap $1 white knit gloves (girls) and hiking boots. Even without the moustaches people knew they were Mario and Luigi.

    They were very easy costumes to do. The only problem I had was finding denim overalls in a size 5/6 at the time. I ended up buying size 5T overalls from Target. The overalls were very big for a 5T so they fit them just fine. Good luck! :)