Lego’s Ultimate Block Party + a Giveaway

Lego is hosting the Ultimate Block Party. This party champions the importance of play and playful learning in children’s lives to help foster lifelong learning.
This exciting celebration of ‘Play’ will take place in Central Park, NYC on Sunday October 3rd, 2010 from 11am to 5pm. If you are in the area stop at the Naumburg Bandshell in NY’s Central Park (enter at 72nd St & 5th Ave). Families can build and contribute their own original designs to our LEGO imagination construction zone. You can choose from 250,000 loose green bricks to construct a model for a creative landscape designed and built by Ultimate Block Party attendees. Of course this even t is totally FREE.

NOT in the NYC Area?

For readers who cannot attend the event, start your own personal LEGO Imagination Construction Zones at home with your own LEGO bricks. LEGO and Common Sense With Money are partnering to help bring inspiration to everyone’s own LEGO Imagination Construction Zones by offering one lucky reader the Ferocious Creatures set.

To enter this giveaway just leave me a comment on this post sharing who plays with Legos at your home.

This giveaway ends on 10/3 at 9PM EST. This giveaway is open to U.S residents 18 years and older.  Emailing me is not a valid way to enter this giveaway.

This giveaway is sponsored by the Lego.

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  • Kelli

    My son Noah!!

  • Tanya N

    My 4 year old son plays with Legos and I am always helping him build harder projects that he can’t do on his own.

  • Hi Mercedes…I saw this tweet come across and had to enter. I rarely get to enter other bloggers but this one SCREAMED my name.
    My son is a Lego LOVER!! He’s told me this year he ONLY wants lego’s and will give his old ones to someone else and make them happy! Just love him.
    Have a blessed day!

  • Melissa W

    My husband…but we’re due March 2011 with our first so hopefully he will have some help in a couple years. LOL

  • shuchi

    My 4 yr old son loves LEGO

  • *Amanda

    Both of my boys ages 6 and 8 LOVE LOVE LOVE legos. We could probably open a lego factory in this house. My hutch had all of the “nice dishes” replaced with lego sculptures. Im sure they would love a chance to get their hands on a Creatures set.

  • Andrea

    everyone…haha! We have 4 children ages 5-10, 2 boys, 2 girls and they all play. My boys actually have a “lego” bedroom with an entire wall painted to look like lego bricks. My husband saved a binder of his lego instructions that he used as a child and he has certainly passed on his passion!

  • sumi

    My 6 and 4 years boys love legos.I sit with them once in a while too.

  • Vicki Garcia

    My son Chris (8), when he isn’t wrestling them away from his sisters (2 & 1)

  • Mandy Hildreth

    My 4 year old son plays with legos ALL DAY LONG. When he’s not playing with legos, he’s studying the instruction books.

  • Brenda Adair

    I have 2 boys and 1 girl and they all play with Legos. We all are Lego lovers in my family and both me and my husband will join in the building process.

  • Julie K

    My 6 year old is obsessed with Lego bricks. Together, we’re building his Halloween costume – a Lego Minifigure. He thinks in construction of bricks, and wants to work with his daddy at an engineering/manufacturing firm.

  • sarah t

    my son and my husband love playing with legos.

  • Chau

    We all play Lego at our house. My 4 year old son and his dad love making their own creations. My 3 year old daughter likes to play with the things I created from instructions. 🙂

  • Stephanie Phelps

    Oh my gosh I love to play with them when I can get them away form my four sons and my hubby…lol

  • JEN C

    I used to play LEGOs when I was little and I can’t wait until my daughter is a little older so we can play with them together 🙂

  • amber

    My 35 year old boyfriend plays with legos at our house. 🙂

  • Andrea

    My 2 year old son…and my husband.

  • All 5 of my kids love Legos, even my husband gets into it when he has time.
    They’re this family’s Top Toy!!


    I have to admit it’s me the 28 year old female of our house hold that plays with Lego’s I can’t get enough of them!

  • lizi serrano

    both my 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son play!

  • Daddy and Abe play legos…well…mostly Daddy.

  • Jessica G

    Bought the lego’s for the girls, but I think I enjoy playing with them more 🙂

  • cathy

    Me and everyone at my home.

  • With 3 boys at home, they all play legos. My oldest, Andrew, plays with them the most! They are so much fun and help the kids in so many ways. Thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway. 🙂

  • Jackie

    My son is just now getting into Legos. He played them at a friends house and LOVED them. I even told my husband the other day that we need to get him some!

  • Miguelito

    I play with the Legos at my house. I can’t wait until my son can play with them.

  • Steph S

    My twin 5-year-old boys!

  • melissa p

    My daughter, husband and I play legos together!

  • Emillie

    My husband actually is the one who plays with legos the most! Would love to win this!

  • joy bronson

    my son Josiah 9. Legos are his life.

  • Pat

    My oldest daughter loves Legos and can be very imaginative with the things she and her friends can make.
    pavanco1 at embarqmail dot com

  • Wendy

    My 2 boys love Legos! They have created a mini lego town in our basement.

  • jennifer davis

    My 7 year old daughter and 5 year old son LOVE legos, but my Husband is one of the BIGGEST lego fans ever!!

  • Laura L.

    My three girls love to play with Legos.

  • My now grown boys (one of them is definitely still a Lego-maniac) the day after Christmas
    put together a family set as part of our Holiday Tradition. Last year it was the Lego City
    Farm and Equipment sets as we have moved to a rural farming community. They are
    now voting on what set for us to buy for this years holiday Lego build.

  • Karen Dorris

    My grandson loves to play with Legos. Along with lots of nieces and nephews that are here often and I get all the toys out to keep them entertained at family get-togethers!

  • Katie

    My husband (and his mom) saved all of his legos from when he was a kid. Now we have 4 kids of our own and they love legos! I have found the best way to have them behave on shopping trips is a promise that when we are done shopping we will stop to look at the legos and add them to our Christmas wish lists. They love legos and want every set!!

  • lynn cook

    that would be my son he adores legos

  • Kristina C

    Everyone! My husband and I play with our four boys, 6,4,4 and 21 mos. Legos are a favorite in our house!

  • Sharla

    My nephew, Lance, loves to play with legos!

  • Jake

    My little brothers are card-carrying Lego Maniacs.

  • Lindsay

    My 5 year old plays with Legos!

  • Chelsea

    My nephews are lego maniacs! The love Legos!

  • Katie

    All three of my sons are BIG legos fans. Even I play with them sometimes!

  • Joyce

    My 7 year old son loves to play with his legos.. his own and the ones that have been passed down by his big big ( 20 year old ) brother. I love that these toys will last and last for generations. Legos are one of the few things that the whole family will sit and play with together- that’s why I love them so much. ( Just don’t tell my little ones how much I secretly love them!)

  • Dana

    Believe it or not, my husband is fascinated with Legos, I also have a nephew who would love this creature!

  • Both of my sons love Legos!

  • Amy

    My 3 children and sometimes I get too help too! It’s basically the only toy my oldest son plays with.

  • Melanie L.

    My 5-year old son loves to play with Legos along with his 7-year old sister.

  • Tracy

    My seven year old son loves Legos

  • Shani

    I have 3 boys, they legos have always been a part of our household entertainment

  • Joseph

    I’m the biggest Lego Maniac in our house, but my 5yr old is coming along nicely. We did the Yoda building even in Washington Square in Beaverton, OR last year and it was a lot of fun.

  • Becky

    My 10 and 5 year olds do, but so do I! They also love to film Youtube videos featuring their Legos

  • Candace

    My nephews are absolutely lego crazy. My son is getting ready to turn 5 and he’s just starting to get into them in our house…

  • camilla wilson

    My granchildren love to build with legos.

  • Amanda Simon

    My special needs son LOVES his Legos!!! It is only toy he asks for.

  • idalia olivas

    My son and myself. This is our quality time together. We have many building blocks but the winner are the Legos.

  • LeighP

    My toddler and his daddy! Daddy builds, the toddler destroys!

  • tammie r.

    My nephew!

  • Melissa

    All 3 of my kiddos love to build with Legos (and Dad loves to help!!!)

  • JB

    We all play with Legos!!!

  • gayla

    my daughter Emily, age 17 now! Loves Legos! Our traditional New Years Eve party is a big set of Legos for us all to put together!

  • Amy N.

    We bought Legos for our older son who is now nine, but the whole family enjoys building stuff.

  • Mandy G.

    All six of my kids Ages 3-15 and of course our 3 year old gets Mom and Dad playing too 🙂

  • My 7 yo LOVES legos. He plays with them for hours! And it is so cool how now he is able ( and wants to) put them together all by himself. He not only is awesome at following the directions but goes free style too! :). What a great prize!

  • My daughter is 2 and plays with the bigger Legos right now and my 12 year old builds a ton of Lego toys!!!!

  • Michelle

    My 7 year old daughter has a whole “legoland” set up in her room which she plays with every day!

  • Terry Mitchell

    My little boy Cj. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy this summer, and Lego’s is one of the safe things he can do. He loves Lego’s so much he has requested a Lego birthday party, and the only reason he wants to go to California is to go to the gift store at Legoland!

  • Shelly Powell

    We all do!! From my youngest who is 5 to my hubby! We love Legos!

  • jamie k

    my son and daughter both love to play Legos

  • Brittany

    Everyone in my household plays with LEGOs. 😉

  • stephanie oppenheimer

    my two boys — 8 and 5 — play with Legos every day of their lives, and have turned the basement into their own little Legoland.

  • debbie russell

    My grandson.

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  • Lisa B

    I have two LEGO Fanatics at my house! Alexander and Harrison

  • Kelly

    My daughter Maggie loves building with legos.

  • Kathy H

    My (5 year old) daughter plays Legos with her big (8 year old) brother and they both take their Legos to their Meme’s house to play Legos with their 89 year-old grandmother ( it is to cute)!!

  • Linda Kish

    My adult son still likes Legos

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  • Jannell kristiansen

    Thank you for the NYC Lego’s notice for Oct. 3–it looks like it’ll be tons of fun~

  • Jen

    Both my boys (ages 7 & 2) love playing legos. My 7 year old especially likes making his own creations. I’m always amazed at how he can just put the pieces together and make whatever he wants. No instructions needed!

  • My husband and four year old son are both addicted to Lego

  • Sheri M

    My 8 year old son loves LEGO’s and has been eyeing the exact crocodile set that you have pictured.

  • Andrea

    My 8 yr old son Bradley. He is a HUGE Lego Star Wars fan. Also, my 2 yr old daughter plays with the Dora Legos. We LOVE LEGOS!!!!!

  • Ann

    My son loves legos.

  • Rachel W.

    In my house? Everyone. Even my daughter home from college.

  • lynette

    My 6-year-old boy loves Legos and has already asked for some for Christmas!

  • Melissa

    My daughters (9&5) both LOVE playing with Legos.

  • Beth

    My son is 4 and is just starting to show interest. He loves dinosaurs and creatures, so that set would be great.

  • Melissa

    My 6yo son plays with legos – daily. he asked for only legos for his burthday

  • Jessica

    My son and stepson love legos but they have to fight off their little sister who is right up in the mess of legos that sprawls from one end of the room to another. We love the logo store at Disney by us, but we don’t get to go as often as we would like. Our family of lego lovers goes back generations! They are great for creative minds!

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    My 15yo daughter Allie and my 12yo son Quin still play with the Legos I had when my older girls still lived with us. My oldest daughter is now a mother, so we are looking forward to another generation of Lego-lovers. In addition, my son Quin just started an after-school Robotics program on Tuesday and their first project was to build something with Legos!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Sonya

    My three boys!

  • Laurene

    My 5 year old loves legos. He would be so excited if we won this.

  • Karen Harris

    My son WJ!!!!

  • Tamara B.

    We love Leggos and we all play with them in this house.

  • Cindy

    Two boys and a daddy!

  • Laurie Py

    3 for 3! All 3 of my kids are OBSESSED with LEGOS! Daughter, age 11, Son age 8 & son age 6!
    Best toy ever!

  • shannon o

    I have 2 boys totally in love with legos. They are 5 and 7.

  • Tanya

    My 4 year old son and I play with Legos. I love them!

  • Angela Doyle

    My son Josh who is emotionally impaired. It is very sothing for him.

  • Kristel

    My 3 kids all love legos and I’m sure my middle son would love this creature.

  • Jeanette

    My 10 year old daughter loves Legos.

  • Tanya

    My 7 year old son loves legos! They can keep him occupied for hours!

  • Heather W

    My 8yr old son, Noah. Plays with them all the time!

  • Dinah

    My Granddaughter

  • Erika

    My son is still in mega-blocks stage, but my daughter plays with them, especially with dad :).

  • Amie

    My 3 year old girl loves legos!

  • Melanie

    My son Chase who is 9 years old & myself! I recently purchased the Lego Frank Lloyd Wright “Waterfall” set. It looks wonderful in my art studio!

  • Julie Nguy

    For my son, Khaden. Thanks!

  • George

    my little boy really like legos

  • Andee B.

    My boys, ages 5 and 7, play with Legos all the time. No other toys needed in this house.

  • Amber

    well both of my little ones play with them they can make some crazy things sometimes

  • Melissa

    No one plays with Legos at the moment, but my husband and I both grew up with them and would love to get our hands on some for our daughter!

  • Julie

    My parents got my daughter her first set of Legos last Christmas and she loves playing with them. She is doing very well at copying the designs in the book that came with the set with little or no help from us.

  • Maren Lee

    My daughter and son both love to play with Legos.

    Thank you!

  • Sheila

    I have four children that range in age from 11 to 4 years old. They all love building and creating new things with our Lego blocks. But, what makes it even more special is that they are playing with the very same Lego blocks that my husband played with as a child.
    We LOVE LEGOS!!!!!

  • jamie

    We all do, but especially my 7 yr old josh, before and after school and any other chance he gets!

  • Shannon

    Both of my sons and I play legos everyday. I never played with them as a child, but I love them now. It really does foster an imagination.

  • Bethany

    My 7 year old Dallin loves Legos!

  • Christen

    Yeah, my husband loves LEGOs! Of course, our baby is too young for them at the moment… but soon…!

  • Michelle

    My whole family. But Mom and Dad can get carried away the most. LOL!

  • Karen

    My husband is just starting to teach our 2-year-old daughter the fun of Legos. Right now she has a diver and an alligator for her sand and water table, as well as a Lego boat!

  • Jill

    My six year old son, Justin loves Legos.

  • Melissa Weiss

    My 9 year old and 7 year old love lego’s!!!!!

  • Thabal

    My nephew and niece would love this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Meggan

    My husband plays with his LEGOs – we have 3 pillowcases full of his childhood LEGO blocks, which he pulls out of the closet every 2-3 months and makes a metropolis out of. Recently, he and a friend’s 2 year old had fun playing “GODZILLA!!!!” and stomping on his city 🙂

  • Allyson T

    my 11 year old is obssesed with LEGO’s!!

  • Karen

    *everyone* in our home plays with legos!

  • The whole family plays with legos! I have 2 boys (ages 11 and 9) that could build with them all day. And I have 3 little girls who play with the bigger toddler legos all the time as well. And of course, my husband and I can’t help but to join in on the fun. 🙂

  • Tori chauvin

    My 8 year old daughter and 4 & 1 year old boys all love lego’s.

  • Christina P.

    My 3 year old is obcessed with legos, but I have to admit, we ALL play with them! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • joan

    The biggest player is ‘Big Sammy’
    The best builder is Nick
    The hoarder of cool legos is my husband

  • Deidre

    Both of my boys love them!!!

  • Jeff

    3-year-old Josh does most of the playing with Lego Duplo blocks, and 7-month-old Jude mostly tries to eat them.

  • Leigh

    We all play with Legos at our house. They are so much fun!

  • KJ

    My boys love playing with their legos, and my husband and I enjoy helping them.

  • katie

    my 3 yr old twins love them

  • janesmith

    Both my sons love LEGOS!!! Ok I do too 🙂

  • Amy

    My son loves playing with Legos! Thanks!

  • LeAnn Marlow

    We love legos at our house. It is how I communicate with my Grandchildren, it is amazing the little talks you can have while laying on the floor together building things you can’t even imagine ( my imagination is getting old). We share legos, time, and love. It is one way I stay connected with our nine from 18 months to 14 years.

  • Laura

    We have a 11 year old boy, 10 year old girl, 8 year old boy and a 5 year old boy who all
    absolutely love lego! Every year for Christmas there always a coupole of package of legos under the tree! We love LEGOS!

  • Heather

    My husband and my son LOVE to play with Legos.

  • Kris

    Our 6yo likes playing with Legos and his *almost* 2yo brother is starting to get into them too.

  • LW

    My 5 year old lives and breathes legos!!!

  • kristen

    My 7 & 4 year old boys LOVE Legos and are just starting to be able to play with little sister in reach who has surpassed the putting things in her mouth phase….

  • kristine

    My son loves Legos!

  • Chris D

    Both of my sons play with them. My older son loves lego trains.

  • Julie F

    My boys love legos.

  • C

    Myself, my husband and ESPECIALLY our 3 sons:):) We have fully invested in LEGOS!

  • Kim

    Both my kids love legos!

  • Jess B

    We all love legos in our house! My 5 year old is the biggest enthusiast, but my husband & I both enjoy helping him build new sets.

  • Sue

    My daughter’s Odyssey of the Mind team uses these for Spontaneous practice — they are great! My younger son also loves to play with them.

  • Laura

    My 2 sons and husband spend many hours playing legos. I would be the BEST mom in the world if I won this! 🙂

  • Juanita

    My two sons, 3 and 6 years old, absolutely love legos. You can buy them an airplane or transformers and they will play with them, of course. Then they will build them with legos and play with their built versions even longer. Legos are great.

  • Kari C

    My 8 y/o son Ashton 🙂 and Anya likes the pink legos 😉

  • Wendy

    My son LOVES Legos! He is 5 and has a great imagination!

  • giana

    My 5 year old son Trevor loves legos!

  • kristine

    i have 2 and 3 yr old sons who both love to build!

  • Angelina

    My little boy does! with his dad!

  • Sarah

    Both of my older boys play with Legos ALL the time. They spend hours making new creations!!!

  • Alison

    My 6 year old boy LOVES Legos. Um, and my husband plays with LEGOS at our house too – even after the kids are in bed :).

  • Susan

    My 6 year old son plays with Legos. He loves building ships and cars and racing them around the house.

  • Christina

    My 10 year old son is a LEGO fanatic. He has well over 100 sets because that is the only thing he ever asks for for birthdays, holidays, treats, etc. He aspires to be a LEGO designer when he grows up and loves all things LEGO. He even wears LEGO-branded t-shirts every day. : )

  • Kristine

    The entire family!

  • Jenn

    My sons 9 and 7 play with Legos all the time!

  • Shelley Wright

    My son plays with Legos, but its only a matter of time before his two little sisters will be joining him.

  • Jeff

    Me & my daughter play with legos all the time!

  • Jennifer Hokanson

    All four kids, 3 boys and a girl!! Love em!!

  • Nikki

    My son Christopher, 10, plays with them the most, but my younger son, Miles, always steals his 🙂

  • Julie Shaver

    My 5 year old is just starting to get interested in playing with Legos. 🙂

  • Sean

    We have 3 boys (ages 10,7 and 3) that absolutely love Legos. They are creating their own masterpieces all the time. And of course when they can’t figure something out, their mother and I are always there to help them out.

  • Lisa

    All 3 of my kids play! 7 and 5 year old boys and an almost 2 year old girl.

  • tammie

    My two sons, Derek and Dylan, and my daughter, Samantha, all play with LEGO’s. But the boys love them the most.

  • We own lots of Legos for our 5 year old…and he does enjoy them…but my husband is the one who creates lots of things after everyone else goes to bed! LOL

  • Melissa A.

    My daughters, 7 and 3, love legos

  • Shawn Connin

    Hello, we have a 3 year old grandson who loves legos and a 5 year old grandson who also loves lego, My 2 girls use to love them as well!

  • Connie

    My son loves Legos and would love to win this!

  • My son…but dad & mom like to play, too!

  • Maggie

    All 3 of my kids love LEGOS! (ages 9, 7, and 3).

  • Michelle

    It’s funny but when I was a kid I loved building with Legos. Now I have a grandson and he loves them. We would love to win this to build together.

  • lisa

    My son is completely obsessed with Legos.

  • Beverly Blair

    All my kids. Joy-12, Billy-10, Sammy-4, and Charity-2. We all love legos! Bev

  • Grace

    My little boy and my husband both … it’s their playtime together, build stuff from Legos 🙂 Thank you for letting me enter this giveaway 🙂

  • Sandy

    My son builds Lego all day long. My daughter only likes Lego sets that come with girl characters.

  • Melissa

    I think my son would LOVE to play with legos….we don’t have any yet, but anytime we go anywhere that they have them, he loves to build. I’d love to win this for my boys! 🙂 (I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old).

  • Maria

    My husband is a LEGO fan, he has all of his LEGOs since he was a little boy. And my son plays legos since he was two. Now he is 5, his sister is 20 months old and starts playing LEGOs too (she skipped Duplos)

  • Jenna

    I almost 2 year old son does, and I’m sure my son that is due in Feb will too!

  • Sue B

    My 4 year old son and his Daddy would love this one!

  • Alicia

    My two sons (Jake – 8 & Nic – 10) are huge Lego freaks. They would LOVE to attend the NY event but unfortunately we’re in Texas!!

  • patty staniewicz

    Although I buy them for my toddlers, I’m the biggest Lego fan in this house. My two year old loves his new Lego boat.

  • Mandy

    Our whole family! I think I have more fun reliving my youth than my almost 3-year old does building all sorts of things

  • Myra

    All three of my kids love to play with legos!

  • deborah kraft

    My husband, myself and my 2 boys all love playing with legos.

  • Michelle

    My son loves playing with legos!

  • pam m

    my soon to be 7 year old son loves legos…his room is legos

  • Amy Bolt

    My youngest son Joey! Great fun 🙂

  • Joy

    My boys love Legos. They are very much into the Star Wars ones. 🙂

    And, over the summer I worked with school age kids at our local community center. All day long the kids there played Legos. The Legos were such a hit that we now have a weekly Legos building club at the center with real engineers hosting it. 🙂

  • Caroline

    My 6 year old son is the Lego whiz of the family. His dad does pretty well too. 🙂

  • Bonnie

    My husband and 2 year old son enjoy creating new things with Legos.

  • Debbie

    The LEGO player at my house is ME! I have grown up playing with Legos, starting with my uncle’s old sets from the 1960’s. I saved all of the sets I received growing up and still like to get them out. I would love this set!

  • Jay S

    My daughter and I play together…

  • Ruth

    You can NEVER have too many Legos!!!!!!! My 12 year old loves Legos. Find them all over the house- in the washer, etc.

  • VIckie Jones

    My 18 year old son still plays with them *when no one is looking) this would be an awesome cheer him up gift, he just lost his job due to cut backs, and he’s sweating school payments etc

  • Betsy

    My stepson plays with legos.

  • TamiV

    I have a 6 year old newphew who plays with legos and would enjoy this!

  • Kim Robey

    My 5 year old son loves, loves Legos!!

  • misty

    My 8 year old daughter is a lego maniac.

  • Becky D

    Mostly my 4-year old daughter. Her daycare teacher told us she just loves putting things together and solving puzzles. Much more analytical than many of the other girls that are into arts and crafts!

  • Kristi

    The entire family likes to build together. We make up a “city” with all the different places and things we build.

  • heather

    We ALL play with Legos at our house. My soon-to be 9 year old boy/girl twins love them. I will get in on the building action as well. Tons of fun. Their Montessori school used to have Lego workshops during the summer.

  • mila

    actually — I play Lego 🙂

  • Tonya

    My 8 yr-old son is having a Lego-themed birthday party next weekend! My 3-yr-old daughter likes to play her brother’s Legos…when he lets her.

  • Teri K

    I play with legos – I am mentoring a robot team which gives me a legit excuse to “play with legos but sometimes, I find they are the perfect way to demo an idea.

  • Lisa

    Both of my sons play with LEGOs – almost daily! 🙂

  • Dawn Swope

    I have 3 boys ages 8,5, and 4 they love to play with legos and use their imagination to build things and pretend they are construction workers. Legos also keep them out of trouble while I am busy on the phone or making dinner etc. and the best part is they have fun by playing nicely together.

  • Janis

    My grandson and My son both play with them! My son will spend hours playing with them, and so will my grandson.

  • crystal bailly

    My 5 year old daughter loves legos!

  • Adriane

    My two boys, ages 7 and 4… and sometimes even me!

  • Mary

    We have three kiddos, 2 boys and a girl. Legos are played with by all of us and are by far the most favorite and popular toy in the house!!

  • my daughter plays with legos!

  • Alice

    I have 15 children, ten of which are still living at home. My youngest is 7 yrs old. Four years ago, when we moved, I gave away all their toys except the Legos. I love how they instill creativity in the kids. So, everyone either reads books, or plays with LEGOs, even my 20 yr old!

  • Alan

    My son and daughter love to play with Legos almost as much as I do.

  • My son and my husband play with Legos

  • Jennifer

    My son loves Lego!

  • Erin

    My four kiddos- 12, 10, 7, & 4! We love Legos…hours of creative entertainment!

  • Kelly

    Two kids -6 and 4 and we love them too!

  • My husband actually……but my 7yr old Autistic son is now getting to be a pro at lego’s too!

  • Shauna

    Our nephews LOVE legos! These would make a nice addition to auntie’s toy box. =)

  • megs

    My both daughters ,my husband play with Lego Most of the time.

  • AngelaRS1973

    Actually, everyone in my house (my 13 year old, myself and my mother) enjoys Legos with my youngest (who is 8). At our library, they have Lego club once a month and each month there is a theme and we normally end up playing Legos when we get home to continue whatever theme was for the night.

  • Pam

    Technically, they belong to my 8 year old daughter but I think my husband enjoys just as much, if not more. 😉

  • Karen Gee

    My husband Larry and our 3 year old son Hunter.

  • Charity

    Our family loves Legos especially my four year old son!

  • Alison F

    my daughter Paige loves playing with her Legos

  • Kelly

    My husband and my son. I think my husband likes them more. Ha!!

  • THEO

    I have two sons ages 4 and 6. both of my sons can spend hours playing with legos, just like me :D. I wish i had time to vist this event but living in chicago puts us a quite a distance.

  • Can I go with ….my husband? lol My daughter plays too but mostly my husband.

  • Crystal Mullins

    We all play with legos at home. My husband and son really love to build.

  • Mary

    My son who is 4 loves to play with legos, and of course my husband. I still have the legos when I was younger.

  • Sarah

    My son, Otto, plays with Legos. He IS a ferocious creature 🙂

  • sharon k

    My son loves to build and create with Legos.

  • Zoe

    Luke, age 12, and Jake, age 3.

  • Cynthia

    My granddaughter and grandson.

  • Teresa

    My ten year old son, Evan, loves to make things out of Legos. He has a particular friend that comes over to build & trade Legos w/ each other. Of course, my hubby likes them, too.

  • robin

    No one plays with Legos at our house, but I’d love to be able to donate these to Toys for Tots. My local mall has full size Star Wars characters made from Legos on display. My favorite is the 8 foot Darth Vader lego giant! It’s amazing.

  • dawn

    I do – even when there aren’t any kids around! This giveway should would make a nice toys for tots gift.

  • Kristin H.

    My son Grant (age 7) has just started to get into LEGOS and loves them! We are just starting our collection. At the end of October we are traveling to CA and hope to visit LEGOland. I wish we could see this awesome master piece but it is too far away 🙁
    What would be cool is if they would have a live cam of it being built!! I would sign up to watch 🙂
    Thanks Mercedes and LEGO for this awesome opportunity!

  • Monica

    My four year old son loves Legos!!

  • Ginger

    My two boys 4 & 7 love their Legos.

  • Theresa

    My husband – we’re just waiting until my son gets big enough!

  • Ana

    My whole family plays with legos-adults included!

  • Linda

    my severn year old son James

  • Theresa A

    My son and my husband

  • nilu

    My 7 years old son Ravi, my 4 years old son sheha, and my 2 1/2 years old son Senu love to have this one. Please, God choose me to win this one!!! I really need an one of this lego toy to keep them busy:)))

  • Julian

    both my husband and my 3 year old!

  • Karina

    My nephew plays with legos!

  • Kren

    Oh, I wish I could take my son to this … he’s a Lego maniac!!!

  • Rachel

    My son and my husband both love legos!

  • AngieJ

    My 14 year old step-son. If he is not playing video games, he is playing with Lego’s.

  • Kitty Boysun

    My oldest son and husband! My son has recently been introduced to all his daddy’s old legos – it’s great to watch them:)!

  • Angie

    ALL three of my kids LOVE Legos!!

  • nikki wilson

    My twin daughters ages ten, my four year old son and myself (36) all play with legos.

  • Tanya Fenier

    My 6 year old son LOVES lego’s!! He is part of the Homeschool Lego club in our area. we enjoy building all sorts of things.

  • Kindra

    my son does!

  • Allison G.

    My son, daughter, and husband are all regular Lego users.

  • Sarah

    Both my boys love Legos! I cannot walk through their bedroom without stepping on a new creation.

  • Shruti

    My niece plays with Legos. Thanks.

  • Katie

    Three in our house play legos, two boys and their sister in between.

  • Lori Birchfield

    My 8 year old daughter and I play with them and love the time together to see what we can come up with.

  • Fay

    We all love playing with Legos at my house. My 2 year old loves the little people legos they have.

  • Raych

    My 4 yr. old & me love playing lego!!! My son would really love to have a new lego blocks!!! Thanks!

  • Tina M

    My little brother love playing Lego. I would love to win this for him.

  • Marcia S.

    James, Samantha and Dad all play together with the legos, untill Billy comes in and starts eating them:) have to love 100 lb dogs!!!!!

  • All of us!

  • Cathy

    My ADHD son played with legos whenever he was overwhelmed! He came up many wonderful projects and his imagination skyrocketed. We saved them for his son….

  • Kristi

    My son and husband play with them. He just starting liking the really small legos this year.

  • Sue

    My three and six year old grandsons. They spend a good portion of their day playing with legos.

  • Jenna

    My son and I are the lego lovers in our house 🙂

  • Karen

    My grandson, Zeke.

  • Judy

    My 5 yr old son plays with Legos.

  • Sharon Edwards

    My son is the Lego freak!

  • Christy L

    We all play with Legos at our house, LOL!!

  • Susan

    My son would take advantage of this if we won.

  • Kristina L.

    My 5 year old daughter Kayla

  • julie

    Mostly my 9 year old son, he LOVES Legos! My 7 year old daughter will play with them as well, even my 16 month old loves the figures!

  • amber k

    We *all* play with Legos!

  • Melody

    My husband and I play with legos with our 5-year-old twin daughters and our 18-month-old even likes to play with the larger legos!

  • Jacinda

    My 7 year old daughter… Ambria plays with them 24-7 . She says all she wants for Christmas is LEGOS!!! We all sit and watch her for hours build amazing things. I LOVE LEGOS !!!!!!!!

  • Carol

    I love legos when I’m home sick.

  • AC

    The whole family, me, hubby and my daughter 🙂

  • Kim J

    My 12 year old Ethyn

  • Sarah

    Mostly my 7 yr old son and husband, but on occasion you can find myself and my 4 yr old daughter building animals and even occasionally the dog can be found with a stray lego piece in her mouth! Our family loves legos!

  • Crystal K.

    My friend’s sons love Legos so these would be fun to have at the house when they come to visit!

  • Sheila

    2 great girls are discovering that LEGO’s are for girls too. Our LEGO 4-H Club is lots of fun and everyone would love a turn with this set!!

  • Barbara A

    Hmm the kids are grown and moved out but left their toys…I have been known to play with them sometimes even without visiting children.

  • Kim T.

    Definitely my two boys. They love all kinds of legos, too. Big ones, small ones, character themed ones, and whatever other kind they can get their hands on. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My 9 yr old son plays with Legos all the time and on occasion, myself and my husband play with him.

  • Jen K

    all 4 of my kids enjoy playing w/ legos! my 2 yr old, 3 yr old, 5 yr old, and 7 yr old… they are ble to construct their “castles” at different levels but all 4 of them LOVE them!!!

  • Amanda

    My 6 year old daughter plays with legos!


    my son, daughter and husband

  • joCee

    ME!!! I love Legos

  • Carrie

    I DO I DO I DO! And I’m proud to say it! (32 years old and still loving the Legos!) I’ve now got my 6 and 4-year-olds hooked to!

  • Nichole

    My son Marcus plays with his Legos Everyday. I even play with them to.

  • Rachelle R

    both my kids play with legos. they are 4 and 2

  • Both my kids play with lego’s, 3 and 6 years old. I’m always amazed with what they come up with.

  • Jennifer M.

    My son LOVES Legos!!!

  • Robin D

    My grandson Xavier and I play with legos!

  • Melinda Gahan

    I do, my seven year old daughter Jessie does, my two year old daughter Mackenzie does, my 17 year old son does also. It’s a family affair!!

  • Lisa

    All four of our boys Love legos!

  • Heather

    My 4 and 1/2 year old (and his dad) play with Legos.

  • lori

    My son plays with Legos as does my nephew.

  • My son loves LEGOS! He would love to have more!!!

  • I step on at least a dozen legos every day that my my 5 yo son and 3 yo daughter leave behind.

  • cheryl

    All 3 kids and the parents play with legos. I have an entire set up of Hero Factory guys on my entertainment center and lego star wars battles on the floor. I guess they need to clean up before bed…

  • dina howell

    my 19 month old Bennett loves the jumbo legos. We play for hours. his fav is for me to build a airplane,than he runs around with it yelling airplane,airplane. Thanks

  • Heidi

    All 3 of my children (8,10,& 12) play with Legos.

  • Melanie

    My three sons LOVE Legos!!!

  • Jennifer B

    My 5 year old son is a huge lego fan. He plays with them at least 5 days a week. My husband is a great lego builder so the 2 of them have a blast together!

  • Sue

    My son loves Legos He will be 6 this week!

  • Jen

    y son does

  • Nipa Patel

    I play with my daughter

  • Rachel

    Sadly me and my daughters father plays with legos. She does to if that counts!!!!!

  • Natalie

    My 6 year old loves Legos! He builds from sets or make his own creations. And he saves up his allowance and chore money to buy sets. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Julie A.

    All 4 of our children from 12 years-old down to 3 years-old love to play with their LEGOs. Daddy and Mommy get a chance to create with LEGOs (besides just pulling apart the “stuck” ones) once in a while, too!

  • Stacy

    My son plays with Legos nearly every day!

  • Marie

    My son Nicholas has been in love with them since he was 3. He is now 4 1/2. Its the only toy he REALLY cares about!

  • Carol

    My son still loves his Legos. He’s 21.

  • megan

    my son kyle

  • Kim Peppers

    The entire family plays with LEGO’s. We sit for hours building cities, cars, animals and anything else we come up with. Matthew and Michaela play the most, but we are a LEGO family.

  • Amanda

    My son is still a litte young for them but my husband loves them!

  • Kim S

    My three sons, ages 9 and 6, have turned the guest bedroom into a Lego creation station.

  • i wish we could attend, my boys would go nuts!! They both love to play with Legos!!

  • Amber

    My 8 year old son is obsessed with Legos- He is playing with them right now (while he’s supposed to be sleeping!)

  • Jessica

    I love to play Lego’s with my nephew! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • Kristina

    My little boy loves legos!

  • Diana

    No one right now, but I might if I had some!

  • Carina

    My three year old son loves Legos!

  • Stacy

    My 5 year old son loves to play with them. Especially when he is with his Grandma. The 2 of them can play and build for hours!

  • Tatiana

    don’t have lego right now but would love to play.

  • patti

    All 8 kids!!! Matthew, Joshua, Rebekah, Hannah, Sarah, Abby, Timothy, and Benjamin!!

  • Lerin

    My 1 and 3 year old boys play with legos. And I, their mother, played with legos religiously until about 13 yrs old!

  • erika h.

    My nephew is the one that plays with the Legos!

  • Terri

    My kids, 9 and 6, love to play legos!

  • caty L.

    Legos, Legos, Legos. I had all girls, now I have three grandsons and we play Legos and go To Lego Land in Schaumburg, Illinois. They and I love them, from Indiana Jones to Star Wars and Toy Story 3. Thanks Lego and Commonsensewithmoney! Love you both.

  • I’m not sure who plays with the more–my hubby or my son 🙂

  • mindy

    me:) Oh, and my 4 year old son

  • Bridget

    ME!!!! I have one little sampler bag that I got free from LegoEducation over a year ago. I would love to bring Legos into my classroom at school. I would love to start a Lego Builders club at my elementary school, but they are soooooo expensive!

  • Kristie

    My husband and my girls play with legos. My husband still has some of his from when he was a child. He used to have enough to make a city, but lost alot of them due to a recent fire in his parents barn.

  • Dawn in NE

    My nephew would soooo enjoy these!

  • Kate O.

    We all love legos in my house! That alligator is super cute! 🙂

  • Beth

    I have 4 boys ages 3-8 and they all eat, sleep, and breathe Legos! What a cool set!

  • Tanya

    My son Mastin is a LEGO nut! He has a village set up in his bedroom on a special table. He does school projects with LEGO when he can get away with it.

  • Kim

    My son and my husband love to play legos together. My husband even gave our son legos that were his when he was little. They can spend hours building together!

  • Shelly

    My two boys LOVE LEGOS! They’d go crazy for a new set!

  • Stephanie

    My son Luke!

  • Brad

    My son, thank you.

  • Bobbie

    My grandson – thanks!!!

  • Becky

    My son and husband are the lego creators in our household. I’m not very gifted when it comes to that kind of thing.

  • Nancy V.

    JJ, my 3 year old LOVES legos! He says they’re “broken” but then he “fixes” them with his imagination and creates all sorts of toys to play with!!!

  • Tracie S

    My 7 year old LOVES

  • Michelle

    My Nephew and Niece (Who actually live in NYC!) play with legos when they visit our house, which is not in the city.

  • carol

    my son loves legos

  • Pam

    My 4-year-old nephew! I help, too 😉

  • Loretta

    My 3 kids, and my husband or I help them sometimes too!

  • Oni

    Umm, I do! I’m a big kid. I love to blow bubbles too:)

  • Sue D

    My boys love their Legos.

  • Robin Nett

    I don’t know what my son Alex would do without his Legos!!

  • Michell Y

    Both of my boys love legos. My daughter likes to take their lego men to play with her polly pockets!

  • Michelle A.

    My son LOVES to play with legos! (so do I!)

  • Ann Wilson

    Every one in my house plays with LEGOs!

  • Lorie McNeal

    My 5 year old little boy adores his Legos. They are his #1 toy…He has a nice collection thanks to my “other boy”…my 35 year old Husband also adores Legos…Thankfully a big portion of my little guy’s Lego collection were my husband’s when he was a little boy. They are the ultimate toy!

  • Lori S

    My son hasn’t played with legos yet but he loves dinosaurs so I know he would love this.


  • Pat Froehner

    My 14 year old grandson!! He wants to be a Master Builder at Legoland!

  • Peggy

    Our entire family loves Legos! Our 5 year old son just started getting into the Lego City truck sets and LOVES them…of course mom & dad have fun helping out (along with our little girl as well).

  • Sandy Treece

    My 11 year old grandson has been a LEGO fan for years!! He has shelves all over his room full of them! His five old brother is starting to develop an interest in them now too.

  • Jen

    My 5-year old nephew is OBSESSED with Legos. We have legos at our house for him to play with when he comes over and he loves them! 🙂

  • erin

    My 11 year old son is addicted to Legos! He has even told me he plans to be a Lego Designer when he grows up. I must confess, I have been known to play with them myself – when nobody is looking, of course.

  • My daughter plays with legos
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • Katie S.

    My 7 yr old son, 9 yr old son, and 13 yr old daughter love to play with legos. The 7 yr old insisted on being a Brickmaster this year and just loves to create!

  • Jana

    My 8 & 6 year old boys love building legos with their Papa.

  • satya

    we recently went to the legoland,there we bought one more bulk legos son and daughter always asking me to play with them

  • Amy Young

    My 6 year old son LOOOOVVVVEEEESSSSS Legos! He’s already made his Xmas list and the whole list is lego sets. He keeps all the pictures from the boxes and all the instruction sheets from his sets so he can build all the models over and over again. He gets the Lego magazine and goes straight to the u-build challenges every month for something new to build. He loves to make vehicles, helicopters and airplanes. He has quite the imagination; I think he’ll grow up to be an engineer like his dad. He would love a new challenge/model to build.

  • We all play with them. Mom and dad builds it and the kids tear it down.


  • Wendy

    We all do LOL, Myself, my husband, our kids 18, 15, and 3 and anyone else who comes by while tehy are out =)

  • Ysenia Ramirez

    My nephew loves Legos. I would give them to him.

  • Alexia Miller

    All of my kids do! I have a daughter and 2 sons! This would be a great addition to their collection.

  • Becky

    No one at our house plays with them – yet! – but my nephew LOVES Lego sets & this would make a great Christmas present!

  • Kathy

    My son and husband love building stuff!

  • Wendy T

    Both of my sons – Kaleab & Isaac love legos. And I can’t lie I like to play with the boys and see what we can create.

  • Charlotte

    All the children (5 of them) love to!

  • Laura Lando

    Legos have been a consistent part of our kids lives. My 2 boys are lego fanatics.

  • Camille

    My 3& 5 y/o play with them. Of course mom& dad join in too;)

  • DB

    My 2.5 year old son loves legos

  • My son loves Lego’s, but I have to admit….I like them too!

  • Kellee

    My son who is 5 yrs old plays with Legos!

  • Amy

    Everyone in my house is, but I rarely get to play with them. My daughters only let me pick out the Legos for the next step in the book. 🙂

  • Pam

    Please enter me in this contest – my 5-year old son is a LEGO fanatic – we recently bought a season pass to the Lego Land in Schaumburg IL to help feed his obsession 😉

  • michelle

    my 5 yr old son plays with my husbands old legos that my mother in law saved for 30 years!

  • Tricia

    My son Cristian. He loves legos.

  • carrie

    All three of my kids 8,5,and 3 love legos.

  • HappyMomC

    My daughter just loves playing and we do too! It’s fun!

  • stephanie h

    my son would love this!

  • My son Jeffrey!

  • Donna M

    My 6 year old son, Luke, LOVES Legos, but now they make pink Legos, so my 2 girls LOVE playing with them also.

  • JoMama

    My two sons ages 8 and 6 LOVE legos!! They have convinced my husband to build shelves in their room so they could start their own “Lego Museum”!!

  • Laura

    My 7 year old son has appropriated most of my 13 year old’s Lego collection! He now asks for Lego kits any time he sees them while out shopping.

  • Debbie

    My son tries to play with them, but I think my husband plays more than our son!

  • raniah

    my son LOVES legos!

  • Cfosh

    All three boys in the house play, hubby included!

  • Snoogums

    My nephews would play legos together. They’re adorable when they’re trading pieces.

  • Kirsten

    My 6 year old twins and my 2 year old twins are always playing with legos. It’s all lego all the time at my house! (I think my husband secretly loves this as he is also a lego fan and has had a great time passing on his old legos to our kids!)

  • liza

    my son daniel.. he would spend his whole day with legos..

  • Haha… the kids that my fiance’s mom keeps play with Legos, they would love something like this.

  • Talia

    My 4 year old son loves legos!

  • Sunnie

    My youngest daughter plays with them.

  • Sunnie

    Iam an email susbcriber.

  • Mike

    Me and my son love to play with Legos.

  • Wendy

    My nephews are crazy for Legos!

  • Robin

    My 5 yr old son Ryan plays with Legos ALL OF THE TIME! My husband plays with them, too! : )

  • Karen

    both my boys, ages 4 and 7, are crazy for Legos!

  • Emily

    My 5 year old daughter has just recently acquired an interest in Legos! She doesn’t have any of her own yet and is asking for some for Christmas so this giveaway would be just perfect!

  • Heather M.

    My 4 year-old son is the big Lego fan in our house.

  • My 8 and 13 year old sons play with them the most, my younger kids will get into them too if I let them!!

  • Allison M.

    my two older boys!

  • phyllis

    My grandson James is crazy about legos!

  • AnnMarie

    My kids love legos!

  • haely

    my son loves legos

  • Charity

    My son LOVES Legos and, of course, anything that he likes, my daughter also likes.

  • Bimi

    My 3 and 1/2 year old son and my husband both love to play with lego

  • alice

    My son LOVES legos! But I must admit that us adults have fun helping him and seeing the joy when the masterpiece is complete.

  • Neena

    Everyone! My 3 boys always seem to talk the grownups into playing too!

  • Sharon

    This is the only toy that my sons will all sit and play NICELY together with…My oldest son is 10 and my twin boys are almost 4…they think Legos are the coolest!:)

  • Alex H

    Who plays with Lego at my house? ME! I’ve been a Lego fanatic since 5 years old. I’m 20 now and still make time to sit down and build, tear down and rebuild new and different Lego creations on a regular basis. Lego is ageless.

  • pennyscents

    My 8 year old son & my 5 year old daughter love Legos! My 15 year old used to play with them all the time too. They just love building the kits like the one that you have shown on here.

  • Michelle DeVitis

    EVERYone in our house plays legos

  • Chrissy

    All three of my boys (8,10,41!) play with Legos…They absolutely love them! Thanks for the chance to win this prize!

  • Desi

    Oh my… my son LOVES legos– and absolutely anything that has to do with legos. He’s 6– and has legos books, watch, clock, etc. And he plays with them all the time. To him they are like a puzzle, he follows every direction until he’s finished. Best for him, though, is Legos Star Wars 🙂

  • Sara

    My nephew

  • Jules

    We ALL do! I have three kids (8yo boy, 6 yo boy & 3 yo girl) who LOVE to build & play with their Legos, and we – my hubby & I – jump at the chance to get in on the action! It’s great to spend time building, playing “make believe” & talking and laughing with one another … makes for great family bonding time. Thanks LEGO! = )

  • Margaret

    Three grandsons six, three and seventeen months and a four year granddaughter. They would love.

  • We ALL (adults, 8,8,6,5,4,2) play with Legos. Thankfully I have a close knit family and I get to spend time with my nephews /nieces daily. The Lego “addiction” is so severe that two weeks ago we purchased a whole box of the series II in the hopes that we could put together and entire set of 16 (we did!). The boys (8 & 6) spent time looking for the little martians from Toy Story for me and the spent time at my office putting it together so I could “play while you are at work” and if I don’t tell them that I played with the flying saucer, they are disappointed. The alligator would not only make Ale (6) the happiest because he’s Ale the Alligator (amongst various other nicknames) but it would score me some major coolest Auntie points!

  • Judy Gunn

    Our Leggo’s have been around for 30+ years. Our children played with them and now our grandchildren play with them. A toy the whole family plays with.

  • Billie Jo

    We have had legos in our house for 13 years now! They are the toy that you never grow too old to play with. My son Bradley (15) and my son Alec (8) plays with them!

  • lisa piq

    everyone of course!!!

  • Serina

    My boy is too young to play. But my husband still loves to play with lego. He hopes to get a lego helicopter for his birthday coming this november.

  • Cari Curri

    My two youngest daughter, Michaela, 11 y/0 and Lauren, 9 y/o : )

  • Kevin

    My partner uses Legos all the time as part of this therapy with children. A nice sidebar is that we have Legos in our home when little ones come to visit.

  • Patty

    My husband and now my son are the lego addicts at my home. there are times when mommy joins in too!

  • Jen

    My 2 and 5 year olds love legos!

  • Emily

    My five and three year old boys would really love to win this!

  • Cindy G.

    My 3 year old grandson and I play with legos. In fact, I remember that I received my first set of legos when I was eight years old. We also have a large bin of duplo blocks to play with as well.

  • Elaine

    My son still loves legos

  • Rachel

    My 3 year old loves to play with legos.

  • Melissa

    My 10 year old son.

  • Timothy

    Why me of course! You’re never too old for legos!

  • Debbie

    My 7-year-old son plays with Legos. And my 5 & 6-year old daughters LOVE the pink sets!!! I homeschool so once a week when I am teaching my son, I give the girls a list of several different things to create and they use their imagination from there! When I’m teaching the girls, I have my son build. It’s great to see the creativity!

  • Jackie

    the whole family loves legos! we just can’t get enuff of them around here! its great seeing how creative we all can get with them!

  • Jeni B.

    My daughter and my husband!

  • Renay Helms

    My four year old daughter loves to play and be creative with legos.

  • denise

    My twin boys play with them in our house, but they do share with their Dad.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  • Christina Greiner

    My boyfriends son plays with LOTS of legos!

  • Magda

    My little guy will be playing with legos soon!

  • Tara

    My 11 year old son, Parker, has been playing with legos since he was very little. He just told me the other day that a cool job to have would be to be a Lego designer. He reads his Lego magazine often to get new ideas, and his 7 year old sister gets involved in building his creations as well. He would enjoy any new Lego kits he can get a hold of!

  • sam

    My grandkids play with the same legos I played with when I was a kid!

  • Jenny Barber

    My youngest son Evan loves Legos and we are always building something! 🙂

  • Bonnie

    My 7 year old son.

  • LisaV

    We all play Legos in our home! 🙂

  • jade1977

    My boyfriend and I do sometimes a we are hoping to have a child soon, who will play with us 🙂

  • bobbie worden

    my daughter Alexis

  • Lisa Weedman Newell

    My 5 year old twins LOVE playing with Legos!

  • Heather Johnson

    My son and my husband!!! They love playing legos together.

  • John

    My son Nathan & I love Legos.

  • Renee

    My 8-1/2 year old loves Legos.

  • orli

    my two kids just recently got into legos and now they love them!

  • linda

    all 3 of my boys play with legos

  • Mike

    Everyone in our house plays with Legos!

  • Kerryn May

    My 4 year-old son Elijah. He won’t play with the mega blocks. Only the “real” legos as he calls them! LOVED LegoLand.

  • Andrea Watts

    My son and my husband plays with them

  • Lisa G

    My son, Tyler, 7, is saving his money to buy the White House set. He LOVES Legos!!!

  • Lisa G

    My son, Tyler 7, is saving for the White House set. He loves to build Legos!!

  • Melissa

    My sons.

  • Sue Sanders

    My kids used to play with legos all the time (including Mom and Dad!). Now they are grown and we still keep a big bucket of legos for when their kids come over to play.

  • Elizabeth B

    My little girl is still to young to play with legos, but my husband and I still like to play with them!

  • Liz

    all my kids play with them!