In My Mailbox: Burt’s Bees and Pottery Barn Towels

I just wanted to share the goodies that were delivered to my door. I got the Burt’s Bees Grab bag I blogged about 10 days ago. I did only get 23 not 25 items but luckily one of the mystery items was the cuticle cream so I guess I only missed on one thing. I love it! I think this would totally make a great gift for someone.

You can also see pictured one of the three Pottery Barn Wraps I ordered with this deal. I know some of you had problems getting charged for the monogramming and due to how popular the deal was some won’t get it until after Christmas. I want you to know I posted before I even put in my order. Anyway, the wraps are huge! Or maybe it was the small two year old modeling it?

Which one of your bargains are you happy you got this month? The Victoria’s Secret sweaters? Free Photo Books? Maybe the Ralph Lauren Towels? Share with me!

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  • Tiffany

    I got my PB towel. It is SO cute!

  • Kim

    Got the RL bathsheet for a friend of mine who is going into the hospital to have her second child. Hospital towels are so horrible. Plus, after giving birth, she will need a little pampering:) A great gift at a great price.

  • Kristina L.

    I got the mermaid small towel for my daughter they are soooo cute. Thanks for the tips!!

  • I got the Burt’s Bee box yesterday, too … After reviewing the contents, I realized that I could create several gifts out of the contents. I combined the eye mask and eye cream … the socks and foot lotion … etc. This was a great $20 spent as I got four complete gifts, stocking stuffers, and gift additions out of it! Yay!

  • jen

    Loved the PB towels for my nephews, got mine last week! Also the VS sweaters for me, what a fun treat!

  • Laurie

    i am loving my victoria’s secret sweaters!! got 2, they’re super cute, and I’m using the lip gloss sets to add to Christmas gifts (so I look like an extra generous aunt! lol!) Plus spent one of my $10 rewards to land some really cheap lotion, and still have 2 more to spend. Killer deal. Thanx again. Keep those gift deals comin! I’m still Christmas shopping!

  • ginger

    I purchased the potterybarn fish towel and already received it. It is wonderful. I love my sons name on it also. Thanks!

  • kristi

    loving the photo books (ended up getting 3…last one was on friday the week of the deal, gave others plenty of time…thought for sure they would be gone) got the snapfish deals: ornament w/family picture for free (just pd shipping) and the 1.99 photo book (got 2, got the spud bud santa for 1.99 after coupon, got a pair of vs panties for .54c, did the spend 10 get free item at bed bath and beyond (lotion for me…love the vanilla bean noel!) ended up spending a whopping…25 dollars and got 3 gifts and 8 things for me! im new to this so this was all VERY exciting…my only problem is i want to get all the deals, rather i need them or not!!!! =)

  • Nicole A.

    I had the same issue as Angie with the PB towels. Got my daughters, the one for my son was just totally canceled…not even on backorder, gone for good. 🙁 I did however really like the free photobooks (I had to pay $3.99 shipping, but that was A-ok with me). I was able to get two!!! I’m fairly new checking this site out here and really liking all the new deals I’m finding. Could be more dangerous to the pocket book in some cases since I hate to pass up bargains though, LOL!

  • I got bad news the other day… they aren’t going to send my PB towel for my son. It was originally on back-order and then they just canceled it. I need to look to see if I can get a replacement since I did get my daughters (and I need to be fair).

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Krista

    I received the Burt’s Bees package. It’s awesome! Might split some of it to give to my daughter’s teacher. I also order the towels. Originally ordered 3 to give to my nieces for Christmas. I only received 2 of them. Going to save the towels for birthdays now. Still AWESOME!!! Thanks!

  • Hi, I tried to get the grab bag from Burt’s Bees using the codes you suggested. It told me that they were invalid. Was it only available for a certain time period? That is too bad and I am so sorry to have missed it, it sounded like a great deal. Better luck next time, I guess. LOL Keep up the great job!

  • Lindsey

    I have gotten a few of the deals!!! love it! Nov and Dec have been such good shopping months! YAY!

  • Margie

    I really liked the deal on cereals where we ended up paying $3 for four boxes of cereal at Walgreens. Awesome! I always look for your Walgreens deals. I might try to get that Lubriderm for 3 cents deal. Thanks!

  • Lindy

    I got the burt’s bee’s grab bag last year for the same price/# of items. It was a great deal and was able to make several gifts out of it!

  • Missy

    Castle Trio $9.99, Burt’s Grab Bag (without extra freebies, but still amazing deal) $20, Two Victoria’s Secret Sweaters for $20 to name a few. Not bad!

  • Laura

    I love the Photoworks photo books, one is for us and the other will make a great gift for my mom! Thanks! 🙂

  • Denise Wilson

    I love my free photo book!

  • Queenie

    I’m so bummed about the PB towels too, I got a letter from them the other day saying they were completely out of them and had to cancel my order. Boo. Glad some of you guys got your stuff though! Thanks for sharing!

  • TwoKids

    Yeah the towels were a bummer — I too got the cancellation. I think that PB had a limit on how many orders they would fill and once they hit it they said it was “backordered” then “completely out of stock”. I’ll never EVER take my business there again!

  • April

    I also ordered 4 PB towels-3 mini and 1 fish towel. The fish towel originally said it was backordered until February so it was a pleaseant suprise when it arrived this week!! They are all adorable. I also got the Burts Bees set and love it!! Thanks so much!1

  • Lisa

    I was very disappointed with PB. I had ordered 4 towels. One went to backorder due before Christmas and then got cancelled. The other three were charged to my card but were never shipped. I was a very unhappy customer.

  • Angie Hall

    I loved the super cheap christmas cards and all the photo deals. Thanks so much!!

  • I got the PB towels. Ordered about 17 of them and 1/2 did not come. They sent me a letter saying they would not replace them and my order was cancelled. I called right away and complained. I had “sets” for families ordered and recieved 1/2 of them. I went on to see what else they could do for me. We ended up holding my order and it will be placed this spring with the new towels. Just thought I would share. Call them if you got a letter. I am going to use the towels for birthdays now instead of Christmas but I am already ahead on birthdays!

  • Amy

    I got the VS 3 sweaters for $30… the free shipping and the free scarf… then I took my card to VS the other day to find out how much it was worth… $50!!!!! WooHoo!!! I got a bra and panties for $1.51 with it! (I could have done better, but VS only had one bra in the entire store in my size and I was happy to get it!)

  • AC

    Amy, how did you get the bra and panties from VS for on $1.51?

    I got PB towels (one with personalized monogram and one mini), Photobooks from Photoworks, Burtbees (23 items, not with the 2 freebies), the Ralph Lauren Towels, The Body Shop Grab bags and many good deal from the stores.

    I bought most of the deals from Mercedes. You’ve blogged the best deals and thank you for a wonderful work. Love love…

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