My Thanksgiving Menu

Even thought this year I won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving, I wanted to share with you my menu from last year. I was able to feed 7 adults and two children with $50. Looking back now it seems like a lot of money but last year we decided to try fresh turkey. The turkey alone took $22 of my budget.

With that in mind, here’s my menu:

Appetizers: Deviled eggs, vegetable tray and dip, cheese and crackers.

Soup: Butternut squash soup, except I won’t use the cream cheese but fat free evaporated milk

Main dish: Roasted Turkey (gravy without the alcohol) and stuffing (family recipe)

Side dishes: Caramelized sweet potatoes (family recipe), green beans and shallots, glazed carrots and roasted Brussels sprouts.

Bread: Challah bread

Dessert: Chocolate Pecan Pie and pumpkin cheesecake brought by guests.

We made a lot of extra meals from the leftovers. We could have easily fed more people. Right now I am confident I can feed the same or more people for half the money (Let’s go for twelve people). Here is how:

From now until Thanksgiving day I can expect frozen turkey to go on sale at my grocery store for 49 cents a pound.

$7.35 15 lb Turkey

$2.73 3lbs of butternut squash for the soup

$1.98 two dozen eggs for deviled eggs and challah bread

$1.96 Stove Top stuffing 98 cents at Walmart (My husband prefers this)

$3.00 two big cans of yams

$2.00 two pounds of baby carrots

$1.98 two pounds of green beans

$0.79 one can of jellied cranberry

$0.50 one can of pumpkin puree to make this Spiced bread (Pie was a bust last year)

$0.98 one bag of marshmallows

$0.50 one can evaporated milk

Flour, sugar and others come from my pantry


I think this is entirely realistic considering the sales that are going on now. What are you planning to spend on Thanksgiving dinner? and what will you be serving and how many will you be feeding more importantly? Share with us!

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  • Anonymous

    Why no Thanksgiving celebration?

  • Saver Queen

    Wow, great menu and great prices. I wonder if this could still be done considering the increase in food costs lately. You can still get good deals on veggies and other products but I find that the cost of meat has risen dramatically!

  • Mercedes

    Hi Saver Queen,
    Those are actually current prices that I can get right now in sales at my grocery stores and/or Walmart. So it considers food price increases.

    Hi Anon,
    My family in Central America doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.


  • evelyn

    Kroger in TX has Jennie-O brand frozen turkeys for 39 cents a lb. this week. My husband is pushing me to stick with Butterball (currently around 1.29/lb).
    Anyone think there is a big difference? Thanks!

  • evelyn

    My menu (alas we are only feeding two but we’ll have plenty of leftovers).
    I have not priced this out yet:
    Roast Turkey, giblet gravy, homemade stuffing (the classic Betty Crocker recipe), cider glazed Brussels sprouts with bacon, mashed potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, homemade apple pie and possibly a pumpkin pie (either homemade or bakery)

  • livefish

    You didn’t post the veggies for your veggie tray or the cheese and crackers. Just curious if you have those on hand.

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