Toy Story 3 DVD for $5.99

Amazon is offering a $4 credit on certain DVDs when you rent that same movie on Video on Demand.  There is a great deal to be had on Toy Story 3 DVD:

  • Then purchase the Toy Story 3 DVD for $9.99 but because you rented the movie a $4 credit will apply to your order making it only $5.99.

The movie ships free with Amazon Prime if you have it through Amazon Mom or Amazon Student.  This is such a great deal and the cheapest I have seen this movie.  I paid $11 for our copy.  I don’t usually buy DVDs but I totally loved this movie.  Although I already have it I am picking up another copy for my nephews.

Thanks Couponing to Disney!

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  • jennifer/feedingchicks

    Not sure how this worked, but we rented Inception on friday, and got a 4$ credit towards buying it. It was part of the deal you posted, so we could buy it for 5.99 out of pocket and then got a 5$ VOD credit, and got to rent it again for free. My husband fell asleep so this was perfect! We paid 5.99 to rent it twice, have a 5$Vod credit, and the DVD. Did I mention we used the 5$ twitter credit to rent it the first time?

    • Jennifer,
      I did that last night. You can do the deal once per movie title. So I bought Toy Story 3 and Inception for $5.99 each.