Walgreens: Aveeno Travel Kit Deal

This week Walgreens is running the following promotion on Aveeno products: Get a FREE Travel Essentials Kit ($9.99 VALUE) with purchase of any 3 Aveeno products (in a single purchase).  All Aveeno products are on sale 25% off.  Here’s how to get the best deal:

Buy three Aveeno Daily Lotion $2.24 (reg $2.99)
Use three $1/1 Aveeno Daily Lotion or here
Pay $3.72 plus tax and get the three lotions plus the free travel kit

This offer has been available before.  If you have gotten this deal, can you share what’s included?  Leave us a comment.

Edited to add: This is how this deal works: you need to grab all four items (three lotions and travel kit)and take to the register.  The kit should ring as free when all three lotions are scanned.

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  • Abbygail

    This deal has been available all month and includes (from what I saw) all Aveeno products including Baby and suncare. I have been tempted b/c I love Aveeno, but have been waiting for some coupons. Thanks!

  • Pat

    I got this bag a while back when it was offered free (with purchase). It is a cute little bag with a good selection of Aveeno products. I like Aveeno – it absorbs well on your skin.

  • Heather

    This seems worth the Walgreens hassle if it works out. I’ll have to go to the next town over for it. Do you just grab the kit and bring it up to the front with you when you check out to get it free?

  • Kerri

    I love this kit – I got 3 last year and have already snagged 2 more this year. My favorite product is the aveeno lipbalm! I LOVE IT! I would easily pay for it, also inside the kits I got was a $2 coupon off of any Aveeno item, which of course I used on my next set to lower my OOP. It is great deal!

    • Vickie

      ooohhhh…thanks, I haven’t tried the lip balm…might have to do another deal to give it a try!!!

  • I went today and purchased the 2.5 oz tubes, which is not the trial size. I DID NOT receive the free gift. The cashier told me my size did not count towards it. The fact that the ad says nothing of the size did not matter to her. I have an email in to the corporate office.

    • Manager called me and told me to come back and get my freebie. Yeah!!!

  • Vickie

    Hi everyone…I did this deal last night at WAGS without any issues!!! The freebie kit was nicer than I expected…Love the products…my store had a lot of the kits, but kind of low on product choice…except cleansers, which I didn’t really need. So, I purchased the cleanser pads, a body lotion, and shampoo.

  • Jen

    I bought 3 of the 2.5 oz size for 2.24 sale price. I used (2) 1.00 coupons and (1) 2.00 off coupon plus I got the bag for free. Not bad for $2.72. The bag includes radiant daily lotion, body wash, moisturizing lotion, nourish shampoo and conditioner.

    • Well apparently you have a nice Walgreens! 🙂

  • Vickie

    yep…mine store prices varied between sale price of 2.49 and 7.99 for products I purchased…and some products were higher… I was lucky to have q’s and my store had one hangtag too. I am in S FLA

  • Sheri

    Walgreen’s newbie here. Do you need to sign up in order to get the Register Rewards and other special prices like you do at CVS? Or are they available to everyone? Thanks so much! Great blog, btw. 🙂

    • Hi Sheri,

      You don’t need to get a card to take advantage of Walgreens offers. Just buy the necessary items. This is not a register rewards offer though. this is a cash register instant discount.


  • John

    Why wouldn’t you also use a coupon for the free item to reduce OOP? So, (4) 1/1 instead of 3 for a total of 2.72. Just a thought, if there happens to be Aveeno daily care in the travel kit or if there are any peelies or hangtags at the store.

    • Tara

      If I’m not mistaken, Walgreen’s coupon policy doesn’t allow coupons on the B1G1 sales.

      • Vickie

        Guess, it depends on the store…mine does…just did it with the Biore products…hth.
        John, good idea, I’m going back Sat, and will give it a try never thought of that.

        ALSO…never thought of it…does anyone know if a product is a kit offer if you can use a Q…because my Target has great Olay kits…already going fast…with full size products…three to four and a venus razor for $8.99…in plastic bag…really great deal…I bought one, because I noticed they were moving …but, NEVER thought to use a Q? Thanks

        • jodie

          I used a $4.00 Q for a gilette fusion razor on a kit that contained a fusion razor, shave gel, sunscreen, and refill for razor and it worked. I then went back and took 4 more coupons and bought 4 more kits for $3.99. Great deal!

  • Kelli

    Would this work into the rebate that you mentioned in the Rite Aid post?

  • Vickie

    Sorry, I don’t know..we don’t have Rite Aid’s…sorry for the typing…I need to run for a bit, and am getting slopping with typo/grammar…a bit distracted here…LOL

  • Jennifer P

    You can use a coupon on the free item, i do it all the time, even on a BOGO sale.

  • I was also going to say to use a coupon the free item too!

  • Jennifer P

    In my free kit it didn’t have the free lip balm, I love that stuff….did anyone’s free gift differ from last year??

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  • Melody

    Just got my travel kit. I have two daily cleansing pads, .3 oz daily moisturizer, .5 oz sunblock lotion, 1.5 oz moisturizing lotion w/sunscreen, 2 oz body wash, and the lip balm. Plus a $2 off coupon. Nice deal!

  • kristal

    To get a good deal, I need 3 coupons, but my computer only lets me print two. Is it okay to print multiples from different computers in the same household?

    • Heather

      Try the other link that was posted. So, you do the coupons.com link, then click the back button to print twice. Use the other link Mercedes posted for the Aveeno website to print coupon #3.

  • Heather

    I went at did this deal with no problems today. Only thing was the 2.5 oz lotion was $2.46 on sale at mine, so $4.38 OOP before tax. But still a really good deal! I’ll be taking the kit with me to the hospital this summer when I have my baby 🙂 Perfect! Thanks, Mercedes!

  • Jaime

    Kristal….absolutely! Go for it! You’ll notice in a lot of these posts that sometimes more than 2 coupons will be suggested (for those who have more than 1 computer).

  • kristal

    thanks guys!
    i went to try to buy these (was going to buy 4 since i had printed four coupons) and my cashier scanned the same coupon four times. was this ok? i didnt think so and told her i didnt want my items (she gave me back my coupons). plus, she wasn’t very polite. she left me waiting at the register while she went to the aveeno aisle to look at the product/prices to tell me my coupon didn’t apply, but she was going to try anyway (and it worked).

    but my question is: was it ok of her to scan the same coupon 4x?

    • Stephanie

      That shouldn’t be a problem if all the coupons are the same, which it sounds like they were….they have the same number…it would be like if they scanned the same item four times, like when you buy 4 cases of soda and you don’t have to lift them all out of the cart 🙂

    • Hi Krystal,

      Yes, that was OK because the coupons were all the same value.


  • Deb

    I just went to my Walgreen’s. They only had three of the 2.5 oz Daily Moisturizing, so I got those for $2.24 each and then got the free travel pack. They had the travel pack with the lip gloss in the back, they had three without lip gloss in front. The top is more like burlap on the one without and more like beige canvas on the one with. The $2 coupon on the one with the lip gloss has already expired. So, I spent $3.72 + tax ($3.99) and I got 3 (2.5 oz.) Daily Moisturizing lotions and then the kit that has a 1.5 oz Daily Moisturizing lotion with sunscreen, 2 oz skin relief body wash, .3 oz. Daily Moisturizer with sunscreen, .5 oz Sunblock Lotion and the lip gloss.

    On a side note, my WG had three different sections with Aveeno products, in the sunscreen, in the facial cleansers and in the lotions and the cheapest lotion by far was ONLY in the lotion section. Their other stuff was not a good deal.

  • BB

    Hello Everyone:
    I am a WAG employee. Just thought I would clarify a question on here. For a B1G1 Free Sale. Only one manufacture coupon is suppose to be used. Yes I know the register will take them, but according to WAG coupon policy. Since you are only BUYING one product, you can not use a coupon on the free one. Just thought I would share. I know that cashiers let it go through (even though they should not). Have a great day and for those of you who (Vanessa) who got a crappy cashier. I am sorry to hear that. I love all the good deals I find online to match with coupons at WAG and then with my employee discount. I really can SCORE!

  • Kathy W

    Does anyone know when this deal expires? I realize the 25% off Aveeno products was probably only good through Sat 4/24 but does the Buy 3 items Get the Free Travel Kit go through the end of April? Is there a place on Walgreen’s website where you could look this up??

  • Mari Wolfe

    Oh darn, I think I missed this. Were the Aveeno products on sale only through Saturday 4/24?

  • mozma

    This must not be for the West Coast. We are traveling next month and I was excited about this deal, but the promotion ended two weeks ago — according to my local Washington Store.