Walmart’s 1-hour In Stock Guarantee: What Is It?

1 Hour In Stock Guarantee


**UPDATE 11/26/15* Check out THIS POST for more info on the 2015 Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee!


*UPDATE 11/26/14* Don’t forget to register your 1-Hour guarantee items!

*Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Problems – UPDATE 11/29/2013* It seems lots of people are having problems registering Walmart 1-hour guarantee cards. If you’re having problems registering Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee cards, check out my newest post about this issue. I’m doing my best to stay on top of it and try to help some of you work through it. Hopefully this matter gets resolved soon! If you were able to resolve your own issue, please let us all know how you did it.

“1-hour In Stock Guarantee” can be found on select items in Walmart’s Black Friday 2013 ad. But, do you know exactly how it works? I was curious myself, so I did a little digging, and here’s what I found out about it.

What is the 1-hour In Stock Guarantee?

The 1-hour In Stock Guarantee at Walmart doesn’t necessarily mean that the item that you want is guaranteed to be physically in stock for an hour. If the stock at a particular store runs out in an hour or less at your store, you can purchase a Guarantee Card at the advertised price in the Walmart Black Friday ad. This ensures that the item will be shipped to your store before Christmas.

Is the 1-hour In Stock Guarantee good on all items?

No. The Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee is only good on certain items. This year (2013), for instance, the 1-hour In Stock Guarantee is good on the iPad Mini, Furby Boom, and Graco Travel System, among others. Anything you see in the Walmart Black Friday ad that has the 1-hour In Stock Guarantee tag on it you will be able to either purchase a Guarantee Card for if they run out of it within one hour from the start of the sale.

When does the 1-hour In Stock Guarantee start?

The first round of Walmart Black Friday sales start on Thanksgiving at 6pm. You will have from 6:00 until 6:59 to purchase either the item you want that’s in the sale or a Guarantee Card. At 7:00 and beyond, you’re out of luck, unless your store hasn’t run out of that item yet. The next round of sales starts at 8pm on Thanksgiving day (2013), and there are also sales on Black Friday as well.

Be sure to browse through the Walmart Black Friday ad to find items with the 1-Hour In Stock Guarantee tag!

What should I do with the Guarantee Card once I get it?

Once you get your Guarantee Card, you must register it online at no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, December 1st. (Central time) If you happen to miss this deadline, you will no longer be entitled to receive that particular item. Instead, your Guarantee Card will simply become nothing more than a Walmart gift card, loaded with the amount of money that you paid for the sale item. If you fail to redeem your Guarantee Card, you can also request a full refund.

Does the 1-hour In Stock Guarantee have any exclusions or rules?

Of course! Every big sale has rules that you need to play by. For instance, there is a limit of one guarantee card per person, per item. This means that you can get a Guarantee Card for a Furby and an iPad Mini, but not for two iPad Minis. This offer is also not valid in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Don’t forget that Walmart will also be holding an early Black Friday sale on November 22nd! Also, read our tips for saving the most money on Black Friday.

Find out how to get a Walmart 1-hour In Stock Guarantee Card.


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  • Maria

    Thanks! I think the only question I have now is how they are going to distribute the guarantee cards. I don’t feel like running around trying to track down the 1 associate for a particular item.

    • Mercedes Levy

      You’re welcome, ladies!

      Maria, that’s a good question. I hadn’t thought about that. The fine print says “Payment must be made upon checkout.” It also says “deadline for payment may vary based upon store hours”. Maybe you pay for them and receive them when you check out?

      I emailed Walmart Corporate about this. We’ll see if they give me a response. If/when they do, I’ll let you know. 🙂

    • Walmartworker

      I work there, we will hand out wristbands where da item is located at.

      • Mercedes Levy

        Thanks for the info! I’m sure most stores will be doing things slightly differently, so everyone should probably contact their local stores for more info.

    • Tom

      This was a scam from the start. In stock means in stock not “I will sell you a card for a non existent item not in stock that you may get by Christmas after you register with the WallyCare website”.

    • marnie

      There seems to be a problem with the code entry page on the one hour guarantee site. I have tried entering the code many times and it comes back every time telling me to enter a valid number. This is very upsetting to me and If I wanted a gift card i would have not waisted my time in line or even showed up for this that early in the morning. I am more than a little tired of the poor customer service that I continuously get from walmart. I feel they could have just gave me the option to shop for these Items on the web site so we can shop from home. if I have to go home and enter a code what is the difference? Maybe I should just return the 1000.00 worth of merchandise I bought there yesterday! and go to a store that wont give this kind of scam to millions of loyal shoppers. Very upset!

  • Kristin

    Thank you for posting this! I was wondering about this myself!

  • sarah

    Are you saying that we have to pay for the item by 7pm, within that 1 hour guarantee window? Sometimes checking out takes 30 minutes, that only gives you 30 to get through the line and up to the register…might be a challenge! And what if you want other items, you have to pay for each in their guarantee window separately?


    • Mercedes Levy

      I was curious about his myself, and decided to call my local Walmart store, since I did not get an email reply from the corporate headquarters.

      Basically, you don’t have to pay for the card within the hour. You do, however, need to get the card from the Walmart associate who is closest to the out-of-stock sale item you want. You can read a more detailed answer in my newest post here.

      Good luck, and if you have any more questions, let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

  • Alicia

    So if I am wanting the iPad mini and it comes with a $100 gift card, am I understanding correctly that if it us sold out I will get the iPad at the sale price and the $100 gift card if I pay for the in stock guarantee?

    • Mercedes Levy

      Hi, Alicia. Great question!

      I had no idea what the answer was, however, so I got back on the phone with my local Walmart. The associate that I spoke to assured me that customers would still get the gift card as well. This might vary from store to store, though, so you might want to double check with your own store. Just give them a call and ask to speak with the Customer Service department.

      Good luck this Black Friday! 🙂

    • I clicked onto register & couldn’t go any further. I have the card with receipt for Ipad mini , at this rate it may take me until Sunday to get thru to register.

      • I fought the crazy crowd on Thurs night at the Walmart Williamsburg, VA. I have lost my receipt and have my card. Called Walmart for access code and no answer. Please advise the access code for an iPad I bought for $299 +gift card. This is my 9 yr olds Christmas and I can’t register on line and the phone line only gives you a message to hold or try back later then hangs up on you. (1-877-745-0190) No help at all. Card says if you lose your number to call them, only a machine answers. Please help.

        Frustrated too but hopeful,

  • caressa

    Whoa what about those of us in Hawaii and Alaska?? How did we get left out of this deal??

    • Mercedes Levy

      I know, Caressa… 🙁 Seems like Hawaii and Alaska get left out of all sorts of things.

  • Rachel

    Any idea if these 1-Hour Guarantee items will be available for purchase online at the same time? Also, curious as to waiting lines and how long it takes to get through these…I’ve never been to a Walmart on Black Friday but have of course heard all about the craziness. Do you think arriving at 6pm is a guarantee that you will get a wrist band/Guatantee card or could there potentially be so many people that you can’t even get through the line in an hour?

    • Mercedes Levy

      I believe that the 1-hour In Stock Guarantee is only good in stores. I’m not positive about this, however, and I could be wrong. If anyone else knows the answer to this for sure, feel free to chime in.

      As for the line wait time, it depends. It could take up to a couple hours, depending on how busy the store is on Black Friday. The business of the stores may vary from year to year, store to store, and town to town. Your best bet would be to ask someone who’s been to a Black Friday sale at the Walmart in your area to get a better idea.

  • Daniel D.

    Like the items themselves, do these Guarantee Cards also run out before the Hour is up? Or are you guaranteed a card for that item if you ask an associate within the hour of the commence of that sale? This is the first year I’m trying the 1 hour guarantee thing and am new to the whole process.

    • Mercedes Levy

      Yes – you’ll only be able to get a guarantee card from the time the item runs out until the hour is up. For instance, if a sale starts at 6:00 PM, and the item runs out at 6:45 PM, you’ll only have 15 minutes to get a guarantee card.

  • Ian

    I have a question what if your item is not on the 1 hour in stock guarantee but in the Black Friday Ad

    • Mercedes Levy

      If the item you want does NOT have a 1-hour In Stock Guarantee tage next to it in the Walmart Black Friday ad, then it’s first come, first serve. You’ll need to be there when the sale starts to grab it.

  • Regina

    I just got my 1 hour guarantee card for the 32′ TV.. When can I register it online. DO I wait until Friday?

    • Mercedes Levy

      Hi, Regina! Good job grabbing that card!

      As far as I know, you must register your 1-hour Guarantee Card by December 1st. I’m not sure if you have to wait until Friday, though. You should probably register it as soon as possible to ensure that you get your item.

      • Barbara

        I got my 1hour in stock guarantee card at 6:08 pm on Thursday 11/28 and have been trying for the past hour to register it, but the site keeps saying I’m too early and cannot view the website. (11:18 pm) I tried to register it ASAP, but am having no luck. I’m gonna keep trying but if I have till December 1st then I’m gonna try to keep my cool. This is my first experience with Black Thursday and the Guarantee Card, so I feel very helpless. I’ve learned more from people on line from their own experiences than I did from the Associates at the store tonight. They said I had to register the card BEFORE 2:00 am on 11/29. HELP!

        • Mercedes Levy

          Hey, Barbara. According to the Terms of Service at the bottom of this page on the Walmart website, you have until Sunday night at 11:59 PM to register your Guarantee Card.

          What I’m finding out is that most stores required consumers to simply pay for their Guarantee Card by 2:00 AM on 11/29/2013, which is a couple of hours away. If you’ve already gotten your Guarantee Card, you should be fine. So, for now just kick your feet up and relax after your long hard night of deal hunting. 😉

          A lot of people are having all sorts of problems when trying to register these cards, though. Hopefully, it’s just the fact that their website is just being overloaded right now. I guess we’ll find out in the next few days.

          In the meantime, I’ll try to keep everyone updated as I find out more.

  • Pat gallardo


    • cheryl matlock

      ‘m having the same problem…told to do it right away and not getting the right site to enter my info to register and order my 3 tv’s…

    • Joann

      I am having problems trying to register my tv and i am not getting nowhere, can someone help me with this ?

  • Mary Sowers


  • Mary Sowers


    • Ria

      Are you stuck on the wait screen as well? I’m there right now and found this page while trying to see if anyone has had any luck actually getting the item…

      • G.

        I’m stuck on the wait screen as well. Have been for well over an hour. It’s things like this that make me wonder it this is all just a scam.

        • Ria

          I did find one article that said that for a short time the servers had crashed and weren’t processing anyone, though supposedly they are back up…still getting nowhere on this wait screen though…

        • Ria

          But on a positive note, I have now seen comments on another article from two separate people who did eventually get past the wait screen…

    • michele

      I had the same problem. Was very pissed because it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Follow this link and it should help. Do not enter capital letters either. Hope this helps. Happy shopping everyone!

  • Mo.r

    I been waiting the last two hours stills the page updating .hope soon will get somewher

  • carol scanland

    not able to get to the screen to register my claim. what wrong

  • Donna

    Still waiting…

  • cheryl matlock

    OK, It seems everyone is having the same problem with this 1 hr guarantee register and order…Guess I’ll wait till tomorrow!!

  • How do I register my 1 hour guarantee? There should be an easier way to go to the registration screen.


      I can’t get to the registration page to register my wife’s 1hour guarantee card. I NEED HELP

  • I have tried ti register for my tv and I have paid for it already and it will not let me .. Please Helppppp..

  • Mercedes Levy

    Hey, everyone. It seems like everyone is having the same problem. The Walmart website is most likely just being bombarded with people trying to register their Guarantee cards, and is having trouble keeping up with the traffic. Cheryl has the right idea – just wait until tomorrow. If you’re still having problems, you may want to give your local Walmart a call to ask for assistance.

    You have until 11:59pm CT on Sunday, December 1st to register your card, so there’s still time.

  • I cannot find where to enter my pin and access code!

  • Vanessa Robertson

    I can’t get to the site I need to. Register for my tv already paid for it , now just want to make sure I get it in time for x mas. It is a gift please help me register so they can call me

    • Mercedes Levy

      Hi, Vanessa. Everyone is most likely trying to register their Guarantee Cards after the sale at the same time, and the website most likely can’t handle that sort of traffic. I’m still looking into it, and I’ll keep everyone updated on what i find out.

      Remember, you have until Sunday night to register your card. Your best bet would probably be to simply wait until tomorrow and try again. Last year, they had similar problems, and the deadline to register the cards was even extended.

      • Helen

        This is a big joke. Can’t register to claim my purchase.


        • Mercedes Levy

          There are certainly a lot of people who seem to agree with you right now, Helen! I didn’t get a Guarantee Card, but I can imagine your frustration. 🙁

          Hopefully, the Walmart website is just having trouble keeping up with all of the consumers visiting the site and trying to register cards at the same time. My best advice would be to hang it up for the night and try again in the morning. If everyone continues to have problems through the weekend, hopefully Walmart will do the right thing and extend the registration deadline for the Guarantee cards.

      • randy

        sounds like walmart is trying too rip people off

        • Mercedes Levy

          I hope not, Randy! 🙁 I doubt they could pull off a scam as large and intricate as this, though, without a great deal of backlash.

          There’s bound to be some problems with thousands (or millions) of people attempting to access a website at the same time, though. I guess we’re all going to have to just wait and see how everything pans out.

  • Is this some kind of a scam ? or what ?!

    • Is this a scam or what ??

      • Mercedes Levy

        I doubt it, Jerry. It’s most likely just some serious traffic causing problems on the Walmart website.

  • Rachel

    I registered my card with no problem (just about 30mins ago). Hoping for all of you this works for you quickly! It only took me a few minutes to complete the entire process after waiting maybe 5 minutes “in line”. Did anyone who purchased the iPad Mini get your $100 gift card at the store when you paid for your guarantee card? I see that after processing my Guarantee card online it says a gift card will be emailed to me when the item ships. Although….they did give me a $100 gift card at the store when I checked out. I told the cashier that I thought I got the card then so she gave me one then. The staff at my local walmart had no idea what was going on with any of the deals.

    • Mercedes Levy

      That’s great, Rachel! Thanks for letting us know you got through.

      I was wondering about the gift cards myself. While I was waiting in line, I watched as a cashier was activating and handing out gift cards. However, a short time later, a call came over the cashier’s radio saying that they were not supposed to be giving the gift cards out just yet.

      Uh oh! I wonder if some people will be getting TWO gift cards this year…?

      • Sarah

        Look at your receipt, I also got a gift card while in line, however, I was charged for it and it wasn’t removed. So essentially I paid $100 and will get $100 once my iPad ships so I end up with two $100 gift cards. One I paid for and 1 I did not. So it evens out, but still very annoying.

  • Rachel: How did you register? I go into the WebSite and find nothing that tells me where to go from there. Can you please help me?? Where at on that page do I register as am LOST!!

    • Rachel

      Well it took a little time for the page to load…did you get this to load? After loading it should print you to enter an Access Code which is on your actual store receipt. After entering this the item you are purchasing should appear, you continue checkout. Once you are about to checkout then you enter the code and PIN numbers off of your Guarantee Card. It was quite simple and you are prompter for each step. I’m wondering if your page isn’t loading correctly or something. When I entered that website it was very self explanatory. There weren’t really options that could throw me off. Here’s where I went: (above you have this spelled incorrectly…if that’s how you entered the web page then this may be the problem)

    • Mercedes Levy


      The original page ( now seems to be redirecting to this page:

      It has a spot at the top of the page to enter your access code from your receipt.

  • randy

    sounds like a multi-billion dollar operation has a mickey mouse website

  • Doug

    Hello my receipt looks similar to the example one on the website but has no access code or at least doesn’t say access code and then number below it. My receipt also doesn’t say gift card on it. Where is my access code I don’t see it on my receipt? Please help!!!!!!!!

    • Kristi

      My first receipt did not have the access code & was told I had to go back to the store because it was rang up wrong. Now I am home w an access code & the amount I paid is not the amount the gift card is reflecting online. Very disappointed does not even begin to cover this

  • BarbaraAHeaney

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  • Rain

    Barbara. Why you are not get working with your roommate mother now and make 12333333333333 $ you are full ……..go get your glass of milk and sleep baby

  • I paid for the TV, got the 1-hour guarantee card, and the receipt with an access code. Whenever I try to enter the code from my receipt, it kicks the page back to me, and wants me to enter a valid access code. I’m stressed, because I’m really busy and now I have to keep trying and calling and emailing for help with a clock ticking. I’m not happy and don’t ever want to be in this situation again.

    • Sarah

      I am having the same problem. I have an access code for the tv on my receipt and a 1 hr card with pin, however, every time I enter my access code it refreshes and tells me to enter a valid code. I have tried the phone number since last night and cannot get through. Is anyone else having this problem?? What should I do??

      • Mercedes Levy

        If the website is telling you that your access code is not valid, I believe you’ll need to return to the store with your receipt and Guarantee Card. Most likely, your card did not activate when you paid for it.

  • Darla

    Holton, Ks walmart sold out of the tv’s I was after before the 6pm then I had to fight to get the one hour guarantee

  • Brittiany Johnson

    I bought an iPad mini at the Black Friday event last night. When I got home to register online I couldn’t do so because there was no access code info printed on my receipt. How do I get an access code? Neither the store nor the 877 number seems to be able to help me.

  • wally dishmon

    I keep trying to enter my access code and the website keeps telling me to enter a valid access code as well. Went to my local store and they said it is website problems causing this problem. Not sure if I actually believe that or not. I know I will be very I’ll if o don’t get my item after I have already paid for it.

  • Denise Abrams

    Yes- we are having the same problems. Access code doesn’t work!!!! If you call, you will get a recording that volume is higher than normal, then get a busy signal! Pretty sure we won’t get our item!! I’ve always shopped at Wal-mart, fought the craziness, but this may finally get me to switch.

  • I am very very frustrated, I am a senior citizen and have been chest pain messing with logging onto this site to register for this tv I purchased. This is absolutely absurd. I have never experienced anything of this magnitude.
    Please give me Walmart’s corporate office number.

    • Mercedes Levy

      🙁 I’m really sorry to here about all the trouble everyone is having with these cards. After a quick search, I found that the Walmart corporate information (including contact info) can be found here:

      Good luck, and do let us know if you get through!

  • This situation has turned in a cirus….run around from every one…I paid for one 32 inch TV and I paid for one Ipad…they have my to register these items is a nightmare..I have been on line with no sleep for 14 hours so far…it don’t work and the phones are busy…I think they want us to go away…they do not want to pay us that 100 dollar gift card is a scam and it is fraud..they adveritzed this as a way it will be done and look how it has turned out..It is a real mess for sure…Can you help me it was a gift for my grandson…now to I tell him he will not be able to get them..nasty rotton sucks..

    • Mercedes Levy

      With all of the angry people that Walmart needs to face right now, I’ll bet they wish everyone would just go away. But that’s not going to happen!

      Exactly what type of problem are you having, Rosemarie? Hopefully I or one of the readers here can help you get your items and your gift cards.

  • Pete

    I purchased the Ipad mini. Got the 1 hour card, paid 299 plus tax in the store. Got home and finally able to enter access code on the website today. When I enter what store to have it sent to they try charging me 299 plus tax again for the item even though I already paid for it.

    Anyone having the same problem with them trying to double charge you in the online checkout???

    • Maria

      Hi Pete the “1 hour guarantee” card that you received instore should have the black scratch off strip on the other side , that is the “walmart gift card” that will be used to complete your order. It will be on the next page after the confirm store page. Once you get to where they ask you for payment, you enter the walmart gift card series of numbers then the PIN # and complete your order.

      Hopefully it helps!

    • Maria

      Hi Pete the “1 hour guarantee” card that you received instore should have the black scratch off strip on the other side. That is the “walmart gift card” that will be used to complete your order. It will be on the next page after the confirm store page. Once you get to where they ask you for payment, you enter the walmart gift card series of numbers then the PIN # and complete your order.

      Hopefully it helps!

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  • Marcy Musick

    I can”t even get to the right spot to enter my guarantee card and am getting a little frustrated!!!! 🙁

    • Mercedes Levy

      Have you tried the link, Mary? When I try to go there, I get redirected to this page:

      Maybe that will work better for you. The page shows six boxes in a line where you’re supposed to enter the numbers of the access code found on your receipt. If you aren’t seeing it, maybe try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page.

      • I have tried since yesterday to put in my access code. I’m beginning to think the cashier at Walmart put the transaction in incorrectly, and I’m boiling mad from the frustration. I won’t be doing this again.

  • margarita

    hola soy mague yo si e podido entrar a el web de walmark y mi pregunta es ….. ami me dieron el numero de pedido pero no lo imprimi pork no cuento con una impresora en casa pero tome el numero de pedido por escrito ,ahi decia que lo imprimiera por fuerza tengo que llevarlo impreso el numero de pedido… y tambien mi otra pregunta e scuando mas o menos estariamos recibiendo informacion de cuando estarian los equipos en walkmark pork yo soy de fuera y no creo que este mucho tiempo aki … gracias

    • Maria

      mi orden dijo que se entregará entre 14 de diciembre y el 22 (por mi television). también puedes tomar el número de pedido con el recibo y la 1 hour guarantee tarjeta para recoger su pedido.

      Si entrastes un número de teléfono como contacto debe recibir un mensaje de texto o si ha realizado una cuenta de walmart debe recibir un email cuando el pedido está listo.

  • It a big joke. get to walmart have to wait in line. come to fine out there all out have to get the /keep the for it and now they have my money.

  • deeh

    Walmart 1 hour guarantee is a Effin Joke! I can’t get through to register my damn Tv’s. I keep getting emails with no help from them. They told me to go in store for help, hopefully that solves this problem!

  • 1hour in stock guarantee card how to register. after two days we figure how to get into the site to register your 1 hour in stock guarantee card ” go to http:/ and type in after you get into the site click on redeem your 1 hour in stock guarantee here and it will be on. I registered my card on that site try it.

  • Karen

    I have been trying to register my card on the site but as soon as I put in the access code I get a message screen that says “We apologize for the inconvenience, but we’re unable to load the page you’re trying to reach. Please call customer service at 1-877-745-0190 referencing error code [ER-003] to get this issue resolved or please try back in a few hours.” I call the number to get a msg that there is a long wait, or I can try bakc later. Then it hangs up on me. Is anyone having any luck yet? Any suggestions??

  • I just wanted to share my experience of registering my giftcard I recieved after purchasing the 32 inch tv
    for 98.00 from Walmart on Friday. After going to simply I went to the gift card section and
    completed the short register and password. Then used the section were you can put your account number and pin number from the back of your gift. It shows you made a purchase on that date. Make a copy for your
    records. Hope the info is helpful.

    Happy Holidays

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  • susan

    I enter my receipt code and it takes me to create an “walmart account.” I can’t get one created so I don’t get any further trying to register the voucher I got for the 32″ t.v. Already upset because they started giving out wristbands before 5pm to people and after out of wristbands, gave out these vouchers. Stood in line for 2 hours for the voucher. Then stood in line to cash out for another 2 hours. And I don’t have anything guaranteed but sore legs and feet.

    • Mercedes Levy


      What types of problems are you having when you’re trying to create a Walmart account? Is there an option to Sign In instead of creating an account? Maybe you could create an account away from the registration page and sign in when you register instead of creating a new account.

      Just a thought…

  • Teddy W. Martin

    I have two cards(1 hour in stock guarantee) My wife and I both paid for 32″ TVs . I registered on line, our store tells me we are not in their computer, my wife called and was told that our TVS were ready for pickup but when I went to pick them up they were not. How do I get our TVs?!

    • Mercedes Levy

      Have you asked to speak with the manager of your local store? If you’re still having problems, you could contact Walmart corporate.

  • Karen

    I received the Guaranteed in Stock card, paid for the purchase at the store and ordered the item online the very next day. However, I don’t think I am going to receive it by Christmas. It’s been 3 weeks and I still do not have the item. Just today, they extended my arrival date to AFTER Christmas!!!! I’d like to know how many others they did this to? That’s false advertising and now I can’t get the item elsewhere because everyone is sold out!!! What can I do about this?

    • bubba

      I sent them a msg about mine, and they emailed me that there was an error on their site. and confirmed that it will be here on time.