What is Wrong With This Picture?


If you spot what’s wrong with this image you get your “Smart Shopper Certificate”  for not falling into the marketing games grocery stores play on their customers.

So, what is it?

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  • Karyn Giles

    Need to use more then one coupon. 10/$10 60cents off two use 5 60cents off two makes final cost=$7.00 but if you would go to Bilo your final cost would be 10 for $4.00. Because they double up to 60 cents if that was a manufacture coupon.



  • Celeste

    60 cents of 2 means the final cost is $1.40! You don’t have to buy 10! Sneaky sneaky!

  • David

    I’m assuming the ploy is the 10/$10. In their scenario, you spend 9.40 to use a .60 off 2 coupon when you could really just buy 2 and spend only 1.40. The scenario I like better is find a store that doubles coupons, wait until the product goes on sale for $1 and get 2 for .80

  • Emily

    … or you could buy 10 and use 5 coupons so your final cost would be $7!

  • That they are making you think you HAVE to buy 10. You don’t. Buy two and your cost would be $1.40!

  • Heather

    You could either buy just 2 items and use 1 coupon for $1.40, or you could buy the suggested 10 and use 5 coupons for $7.

  • zm

    If someone is going to buy 10, why oh why would they only use 1 coupon, silly silly ad.

  • Robin

    You don’t have to buy 10 to get the 10/$10 price!

  • Don’t you love how stores think we’re all stupid?
    I love it when they give you a limit of ‘x’. When there’s a limit on things people also tend to buy more.

    As was said before….you don’t have to buy 10…I don’t think I would, although with my family of 6 it might not be a bad idea. If I did buy 10 I’d use 5 coupons, not just 1.

  • Shelly

    Average cost on the listed picture is $.94. If you only buy 2 the average cost per item drops to $.70. Always compare the average unit cost after coupons on the # required to buy for the coupon.

  • Kellee

    The picture is saying that by purchasing 10 at $10.00 and using a 60 cent off of 2 coupon then, your final cost is $9.40 for 10. It does not say a limit of 10 but I’m assuming that they’re telling you 10/$10 so you can buy 10! Also, its advertising the coupon for 2 bags; what about the other 8?!

    If you had 5 coupons at 60cents/2 then your total would be $7.00 for 10 bags which comes to 70 cents each.

    If you ask me, its to much for rice or pasta! Double the coupon then we’ll talk!

  • Well, I believe they should have added another $.60/2 an additional 4 more times! They are assuming you are only going to use one!

  • Lacey

    Knowing stores…they probably will only allow you to use (1) of the coupons in the ad. They are tricky like that! Ontop of that, you don’t usually have to purchase 10 items, but sometimes you do. I have learned you better read the fine print. Alot of them are putting in-ad coupons in the ads, then Walmart will actually not match them at times. I learned that last week.

  • Leah Rockwell

    That’s kinda deceitful. You don’t HAVE to buy 10…or you could use 4 more coupons. But you know what, people will fall for it!!

  • Oh, yeah! I’m not sure it’s a good idea to shop at a store that can’t do math well….LOLOL! What a bunch of hokum that is!

    So, what, I only get to use one coupon when I buy 10? Maybe the advertising guy or gal is such a newbie as to not realize we get multiple papers? If that is the case, then yeah, you would pay that price with only ONE coupon — STILL….it should have been 2/$1.40 in the ad. Good grief Charlie Brown!

  • first I would not buy 10, unless it stated you have to for that price.

    second I would make sure I had a coupon for each one then

    stores are funny

  • I know we all think it’s funny that they advertise the 10/$10 like that, and we all know better, but I can’t tell you how many people I have had to educate on this very issue! They all think they HAVE to buy 10 to get them for $1 each. These ads don’t help these poor people who don’t know any better.

  • Kelly

    It assumes you have to buy 10 to get the price; when in actuality you only would need to buy 2 and spend $1.40. You could also have 5 coupons and spend $7 on 10 or have the 5 coupons doubled and spend $4 on 10.

  • Their ad was probably printed with the average consumer in mind. You know, the one who actually only purchases a single sunday paper each week. LOL. I believe that us couponers are actually keepin’ the newspapers in business.

  • Ads like this one are a pet peeve of mine, so misleading to the untrained eye.

  • First you don’t have to buy 10 unless the ad specifically states you do in order to get that price. Second, if you DID buy ten, then you’d qualify to use 5 of the $.60/2 coupons, making the total price 10 for $7.

  • Jenny

    They are saying you have to buy ten when you really don’t have to. I think.

  • Laura

    Ha, I love it when I see that……they’re not fooling me!!

  • I thought it might be the .60/2 coupon insert. Not everyone gets coupon inserts. so it is very misleading if you don’t have the coupon.

  • Mary

    These are $1 each every day at Dollar General stores, and they accept manuf. coupons. If you have a Dollar General store nearby, you should really check out the grocery department. I routinely get Doritos for $2.50 when they are $3.99 at another major grocery store, and poptarts are always $1.25. Coke is often $1 for a 2-liter (that’s a good price around here!) and Dinty Moore microwaveable stew (which my niece eats at work when she’s helping at my store) is $2.25, while it’s over $3 at the other store.
    They also have a store brand – I think it’s called Clover Valley? – and they make a thin mint, a peanut butter and a coconut fudge cookie that I swear are the same as Girl Scout cookies, and they are only $1.85 a box.

    If you have one nearby – you really have to check it out!

  • You don’t need to buy all 10 to use the coupon, you only need to buy two to use the coupon.

  • Barbara

    Only two need actually be bought to use the 60 cent coupon.

  • Nancy B

    I didn’t pay nearly that much! I went on double coupon day and used coupons for each package I bought. I think it came out to about 40 or 50 cents a package. Also I would never buy 10 unless I had that many coupons.

  • Erin Alderson

    It’s crazy the things people fall for . . . I don’t buy something unless I have a coupon for EVERY item. not just 2 out of the 10. sneaky sneaky.

  • Deb

    OH BROTHER, makes for sense to buy the ten and use more coupons or don’t buy so many items.

  • Melody

    The retailer is assuming that we would only have one coupon. But, being the savy shoppers that we are, we would have 5 coupons so our final cost would be $7 for 10 sides.