10 Things to Take to a Job Interview

what to bring to a job interview

We can all agree that hunting for a job is tough. But, heading off to a job interview? There’s probably nothing quite as exciting and nerve wracking during a job hunt than going to a job interview! The good news is that if you’ve been called in for a job interview, chances are you’re a pretty good candidate for the position. Now you have to compete face to face with other qualified applicants for the winning spot.

While I can’t tell you the one secret that will guarantee that you land your dream job, I can give you a few ideas of what to take to a job interview. Believe it or not, you should really consider taking more than you think!

Here are the top 10 things you should take to a job interview…

1. Contact Information

Not yours, the interviewer’s! Having the company contact information handy might just come in handy, so don’t leave home without it! The address of the company and directions will ensure that you make it to the interview on time. And, if you’re running a tad late or won’t be able to make it due to unavoidable circumstances, the interviewer’s phone number will come in pretty handy.

2. Resumes

Your interviewer most likely already has a copy of your resume, but there’s always that chance that they don’t. So, be prepared and print a few resumes to take to a job interview. Having more than one copy is preferable, since more than one person may be interviewing you.

3. References

If your interview goes well, you’ll most likely be asked for a list of references. Printing a few copies of your reference list to take to a job interview can help speed up the hiring process and makes you look organized and prepared.

4. Pens

Not just one, but at least two. Asking for a pen in the middle of a job interview just makes you look ill prepared and disorganized. Plus, if your interviewer’s pen just happens to run out of ink during your interview, you might just get a few bonus points for providing an extra! Just make sure the pen isn’t all chewed on. (Ew!)

5. Small Notepad

You’ll definitely want a notepad to take to a job interview. You can use this to (obviously) take notes during our interview and even write down any questions you may have to ask at the end of the interview. Nothing flashy here; keep it simple and professional looking. That means leave your cute kitty cat notebook at home.

6. Questions

You’ll be asked a ton of questions during a job interview, and asking a few of your own is not only acceptable, but almost expected. Preparing a short list of questions to ask at the end of the interview shows that you’re eager and interested in the position. If you’re unable to come up with questions during the interview, having a short list of questions already written down in your handy dandy notebook can be a lifesaver.

7. Briefcase

After all, you’ll need something to carry all of the stuff you’ll need to take to a job interview! Walking in with loose papers and pens flying everywhere not only looks organized, but also unprofessional. If a briefcase seems a little too hoity-toity for the position you’re interviewing for, you can always use an attaché case or folder instead.

8. Comfortable Shoes

You probably already know that you should wear professional attire to an interview, but pay special attention to your shoes. They should be clean and professional, but they should also be comfortable. At some point during or after your interview, you may be shown around the company. And you don’t want to be limping around in uncomfortable shoes that pinch and scrape your feet.

9. Breath Mints

Granted you probably won’t be getting too close to your interviewer, but smelling nice is always a plus. Chomping gun like a cow chewing cud is rude, especially during a job interview. Invest in a small pack of mints to take to a job interview instead.

10. Knowledge

Last, but certainly not least, you should have a fair amount of knowledge to take to a job interview. Do your research beforehand, not only so you’ll know what you’re getting into, but also so you’ll be armed with some great answers. For instance, when an interviewer asks “Why do you want to work at XYZ Company?”, you can skip the “Uhh…the benefits are good?” answer and state that you’re excited about working for a company that did…whatever that particular company did.

Any other tips on what to take to a job interview?

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