So, You Wanna Buy Glasses Online?

I buy glasses online for my entire family, including my extended family. It’s the only way I roll! I think it’s crazy to do it any other way, and there are two major reasons why I buy glasses online…

  • Price — When you buy glasses online, you’ll usually have to shell out much less than if you were to buy glasses from your eye doctor. Online glasses retailers don’t have the additional costs that brick and mortar eyeglasses stores and opticians have, so they can pass those savings onto the customers.
  • Convenience — With two kids and a more than full-time job, I have very little time as it is, so driving to my eye doctor for a pair of glasses just isn’t convenient for me. By ordering glasses online, I can save loads of time.

I don’t know about you, but I love saving time and money!

If you’ve never ordered glasses online, though, the process can be a little scary. You’re probably wondering if it’s worth it to buy glasses online, or if the glasses are of good quality. Rest assured, though! when you buy glasses from a reputable online eyeglasses store, you’ll usually get quality glasses with the right prescription. You probably won’t even notice the difference between the glasses you buy online and the ones you get from your eye doctor.

It’s important to choose the right retailer to buy glasses online from, though. By far, my favorite place to order glasses online from is Eye Buy Direct! You can buy glasses online from Eye Buy Direct for as little as $6, and shipping adds about the same so you could end up paying around $12 for a pair of glasses! I’ve personally ordered from Eye Buy Direct several times since my last review, and I’ve been satisfied every time. They also have amazing customer service!

Eye Buy Direct isn’t the only place to buy glasses online, though. Other places to buy glasses online include GlassesUSA and Frames Direct.

Ready to finally buy glasses online and save some serious cash? Here are a few tips to help you along the way…

Get your eyeglasses prescription. It seems obvious, but you’ll need you eyeglasses prescription to buy glasses online. If your eyeglasses prescription is current, you should be able to get this from your optometrist easily. Some eye doctors, though, will give you a hard time if your eyeglasses prescription expired. Your mileage may vary in this case; some eye doctors will give you your prescription, and some won’t.

Even if you have an expired prescription, you should still be able to buy glasses online. Not all online eyeglasses retailers will verify your prescription. I know for a fact that Eye Buy Direct does not require verification from your eye doctor to buy glasses online, for instance.

Check the return policies. Not all online glasses retailers offer returns. After all, your eyeglasses are unique to your vision needs, and returns may not be available.

Measure your current glasses. You might be pretty surprised at  the difference a few millimeters can make!

When buying glasses online, most online retailers will give you the dimensions of the frames, including the length of the bridge, temples, and lenses. Choose a pair of glasses that is close to these measurements, if your current glasses fit well. You can also adjust accordingly if your glasses fit poorly.

Double check your prescription. I can’t stress this tip enough! Always double and triple check the prescription numbers that you type in when buying glasses online! It can mean the difference between seeing and being blind.

The first time I bought glasses from Eye Buy Direct, I was doing two separate orders for my mama and myself. Unfortunately, I got the prescriptions mixed up somehow. It would have been a huge disaster, since our tastes in glasses are quite different, but thanks to Eye Buy Direct’s amazing customer service, I was able to correct the problem before it became a disaster.

Check for coupon codes. Don’t buy glasses online without doing a quick search for additional savings. You can usually find coupon code for most online retailers, including prescription glasses websites.

Don’t neglect your eyes. Just because you can buy glasses online with an expired prescription doesn’t mean that you should. While most young healthy people don’t really need an eye exam every two years, it’s a good idea to get them checked periodically. Make sure you head to the eye doctor, though, if you notice any changes in your vision.

once you get into your thirties and forties, however, your vision and overall eye health can start to decline more quickly. As you get older, it’s a good idea to have your eyes checked at least every two years, if not once a year.

Do you buy glasses online? What other tips would you add?