11 Generic Brand Products That Are Worth Trying

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Yesterday, we explored some of the generic brand items that usually aren’t worth the money. But, since generic brands cost less than big name brand products, the cost benefit of buying generic is amazing. If you’re looking to save money, sometimes buying generic brand products is totally worth it!

Here are a few generic brand products that might just be worth trying!

  • Cereal. Generic brand cereal is pretty much the same as the big name brand cereals on the shelf in regards to taste and nutrition. The only difference is the crazy price difference! And, if you’r little one is particularly attached to a name brand cereal, it doesn’t hurt to get a little sneaky and refill a name brand box of cereal with a generic brand cereal.
  • Snacks. From gummy fruit snacks to granola bars to chips – paying more than you have to is just insane! These types of snacks generally taste just as good as more expensive name brand packages plastered with popular cartoon characters, but at a much lower cost.
  • Pantry Items. Flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, spices, rice, potato flakes, and more. If you’re sticking to name brands for these items, there’s a good chance that you’re paying too much!
  • Condiments. I know that some people are sticklers about their Heinz ketchup, but since I refuse to eat the godawful red goo, I can’t speak for the generic brand ketchups. However, I can speak for mustard and mayo. Especially mayo! I actually prefer the Save-A-Lot brand mayo and will make a special trip for it. I also love the Great Value ranch dressing, and it tastes almost like the DIY Hidden Valley ranch. And, when it comes to mustard, I can’t tell the difference between any brands.
  • Milk. You can spring for the big national brands when it comes to milk, but you most likely aren’t getting anything different. SO, unless you’re springing for a specialty milk, like organic milk or raw milk, save a little cash and buy the generic brand milk to go with your generic brand cereal.
  • Water. Really, save for a few extreme circumstances, no one should actually be buying bottled water. But, if you find that you really need to, generic brands are pretty much the same as name brands. All of the bottles contain filtered water.
  • OTC Medications. All over-the-counter medications have strict standards that are regulated by the FDA. They contain the same active ingredients and work just as well as their name brand counterparts, but at a much lower cost. In fact, some generic medications are actually manufactured by the same companies that manufacture name brand medicines, so they’re essentially identical!
  • Toiletries. Save for a few exceptions (see deodorant and toothpaste) toiletries and personal care products are very similar when you compare name brands and generic brands. That $2 hairspray will usually work just as well as the $7 hairspray, for instance. The same is true for shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, floss, feminine hygiene products, and lots of other personal care products.
  • Cleaning Products. I am not including dish detergent in this, because the name brands are generally much better! For other cleaning products, though, generic brands are usually just as good and much cheaper! Just try out some of the multipurpose cleaners, window cleaners, and toilet bowl cleaners on the shelves of your local Dollar Tree. You might be pleasantly surprised…
  • Baby Formula. Nutritionally, generic brand baby formula is nearly identical to name brand formula. It still has the same nutrients and other goodies that make a healthy baby, and like medications, baby formula is also regulated by the FDA. With as much money as parents send in the first year of a child’s life, savings from generic brand baby formula can really add up!
  • Diapers. In some cases, generic diapers are definitely worth a try. I’ve had good and bad experiences with generic diapers, and it took a few tries to find a good generic brand diaper. Decent (and cheaper) generic diapers are out there, so don’t give up the search! Keep trying a few different brands until you find one that works for you and your child.

If you’re new to the world of buying generic brands, hopefully this list gave you a little head start. But, remember—buying generic brand products won’t always save you money. In some cases, you can pick up a name brand product for much cheaper than a generic brand when you use coupons during a sale. Always do a little research and compare prices and the price per unit before blindly assuming that those generic brands are cheaper!

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