29 April Fools Day Pranks to Play On the Kids!

April Fools Pranks to Play on the kidsOnly a couple more days until April Fools Day! In this house, that means we’re all gearing up to prank and be pranked. Over the years, we’ve pulled off some pretty fun April Fools pranks—most of them relatively harmless.

If you’re looking for ideas for April Fools Day pranks to play on your kids, here are just a few ideas to get your started…

  1. Fill their bedroom with balloons when they’re in school or asleep. If their room is too big, fill the bathroom or closet instead.
  2. Booby trap the front door with a party popper. Tape the popper to the door jamb and the string to the door.
  3. Draw a mustache on their face with a dry erase marker, watercolor paint, or an eyeliner pencil while they sleep.
  4. Rinse an empty Windex bottle well and replace it with blue Kool-Aid. Drink it in front of them.
  5. Let Jell-o set in a drinking glass or cup with a straw in it. Watch the fun and frustration ensue when they try to drink the “juice”.
  6. Carefully open a bag of chips and replace them with a different variety. Reseal the mylar bag with a hair straightener. This works especially well with the single serve bags they take for lunch!
  7. Put a few drops of food coloring in the milk.
  8. Replace the Oreo filling with toothpaste.
  9. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish.
  10. Freeze a bowl of cereal. Pour a little milk on it in the morning and serve breakfast.
  11. Make “orange juice” with a packet of dry mac and cheese sauce.
  12. Hang all of the photos in your home upside down.
  13. Hang all of the clocks in your home upside down.
  14. Short sheet their beds.
  15. Place a piece of tape over all of the television remote controls. (also great fun for spouses!)
  16. Turn their bookbags inside out and replace the contents.
  17. Unscrew the shampoo bottle, cover the opening with plastic wrap, and screw the top back on. Cut any excess away from the bottle.
  18. Tie their bedroom door knobs together if their rooms are across the hall.
  19. Place a sign that says “Wet paint! Please use the back door” on the front door. But place another sign that says “Wet paint! Please use the front door” on the back door.
  20. Set the alarm clocks and alarms back one hour while they’re sleeping.
  21. Fill their shoes with just about anything fun and harmless—toilet paper, newspaper, cotton balls, change, toys, buttons.
  22. Switch the keys on the computer keyboard around.
  23. Tape the sink sprayer handle down and ask them to do the dishes.
  24. Unscrew the faucet screen, place an Easter egg dye pellet in it, and replace the screen. Tel the kids to wash their hands before dinner.
  25. Play switcheroo with the bags inside the cereal boxes.
  26. Replace the mayo inside the mayo jar with thick vanilla pudding. Eat it right out of the jar in front of them.
  27. Change all of their cell phone contacts’ names to Harry Potter characters’ names.
  28. Tape all of the light switches in the house down.
  29. Pretend the kids have switched bodies while they were sleeping. Call them each others’ names, ask them why they’re wearing their sister’s or brother’s clothes, give them the wrong backpacks—you get the idea. Bonus points if you can switch them into each others’ rooms while they’re sleeping.

Do you have any plans for April 1st? What are some other good April Fools Day pranks you can play on kids?