4 Home Remedies for Allergy Season

allergy seasonSpring is in the air and so is pollen and mold spores, which are responsible for your seasonal allergies. Every year, millions of people suffer from seasonal allergies. Some people get it much worse than others. Some may just have itchy eyes or a runny nose, while others may feel like they have a virus. Either way, I’m going to hook you up with some natural remedies that should help you get through allergy season.

#1. Use Saline Solution

Saline solution can be a life saver, especially when you have one of those really annoying runny noses. Saline solution is basically nothing more than salt and water that you can put up your nose, which will clear it out and remove the irritants that cause your nose to become lodged and inflamed. I would suggest using saline solution, because nasal sprays can be highly addictive and you will become reliant on them.

If you want, you could go out and purchase some saline solution at practically any pharmacy. However,  since I’m always teaching you how to be frugal, you can make your own saline solution. Take a pint of warm, distilled water and mix it with a teaspoon of salt and just a little pinch of baking soda. Snort a little bit of the solution up your nose and your nasal passages will be cleaned out in no time.

#2. Take a Shower

Spending time outdoors during allergy season basically means you’re a magnet for pollen and mold spores. Therefore, once you go inside your home, you should immediately take a shower. Women, you have to make sure you wash your hair, because pollen just loves to get in your hair and stay there. After it’s in your hair it’s very easy for it to make its way down to your eyes.

If you’ve been outside without taking a shower, you may want to change out your pillowcase and clean your bed a bit or maybe even change the linens on it. This will help when those late night allergy attacks come about.

#3. Enjoy Some Peppermint Tea

When I was getting nailed with seasonal allergies I would indulge in some lovely peppermint tea. There’s a reason they say you should drink tea whenever you’re feeling under the weather. Tea can help relieve allergy symptoms like stuffy noses quite easily. I would particularly suggest that you drink peppermint tea, because it contains oils that will act as a decongestant.

#4. Take a Hot Shower or Steam Your Face

The steam off of a hot shower  can really help you out when it comes to soothing your sinuses and it will also help clear out some of the mucus in your nasal passages. Simply stand in your shower with some hot water pouring down on you and you’ll benefit from it. Also, you could take a bowl full of hot water and lean over it and drape a towel over your head. Stay like this for  5 – 10 minutes and you’ll feel much better.