6 Ways A Slow Cooker Can Save Money At Dinnertime

slow cookerA slow cooker, which is also known as a crock pot, is a machine that can cook a meal over the course of several hours. With one of these amazing little kitchen appliances, working parents can simply fill it with meat, vegetables, or pasta, and by the time they get home, they will have a hot meal waiting for them and their family. Here are some ways that slow cookers can save families a lot of money.

#1. Less expensive meat can be bought.

There are some people that are very choosy about the meat they buy, but with a slow cooker, a less expensive cut of meat can be purchased because the time in the cooker will take any cut of meat and make it soft enough to eat.

#2. Bulk meat can be bought.

Some people want to buy bulk meat because they can get a lot of meat for a low price, but the problem with buying meat in bulk is that it may go to waste. However, with a slow cooker, families can buy the meat, cook many meals, and then freeze them for later use.

#3. More exciting meals can be made.

People are under the mistaken impression that only things like soup can be made in the slow cooker. However, there are actually hundreds of recipes where people have turned the slow cooker into a diverse kitchen appliance that can be used for anything from breakfast to dessert.  With a slow cooker, families can experience meals from all over the world, which will make dinner time a lot of fun.

#4. Vegetarian meals can be made for less.

Believe it or not, families can make vegetarian meals in the slow cooker, and they can have things like meals made with beans and legumes, which will offer them as much protein as meat.

#5. Slow cookers allows for meal planning.

Another great money saver is planning out meals. A slow cooker can help parents make a menu for the week, and with this menu in hand, they can shop and find the best deals. It is important to plan meals so that parents are not rushing to the nearest store and grabbing whatever is handy, which can end up costing them a lot more than they intended to pay.

#6. Hot meals waiting at home equals less fast food.

What makes fast food so great is the fact that parents can pull up in their car, get what they want, and take it home to eat. A slow cooker can eliminate that because the timer on the machine can be set to cook, and then keep the meal nice and warm. When everyone gets home, a hot meal is waiting, and it is a lot healthier to eat home cooked meals instead of just eating nothing but fast food burgers. Fast food costs can quickly add up, but eating at home is a lot more reasonable, and the money saved on fast food can be used for other more important things for the home and family.