Turn Your Passion Into Income

Chances are you are amongst the 76% of Americans living pay check to pay check. Not to mention you are more than likely 70% of Americans who dread heading into work or are in a dead end position. Whatever the case may be now is the you take control of your life and turn your passion into income. It may not be an overnight success and take lots of hard work, but, the reward will out weigh the negative in the end.

When you enjoy your work and are passionate about it, it shows in every aspect of your life. It’s no longer a job to get up in the morning and you seemingly stop staring at the clock as the day is dragging along. Instead, someone who is passionate about their work look forward to heading to the office, don’t mind putting in the extra hours, enjoy coming up with new ideas and are overall a happy person.

In deciding what it is that you are passionate about, leave the “young love” out of it. When referring to “young love” if you have a new found passion, don’t jump ahead of yourself. Yes it may be something you have recently become passionate about, but, it may not last. When turning your passion into income you need to think long term.

Let’s focus on finding out what you have been passionate about for the past few years. Is it healthy eating? Exercising? Saving Money? Photography? Home Decorating? Finding what you are passionate about may be easier for some, while others it may take time. Perhaps your passion is a hobby that you are already doing, a topic you enjoy talking about or something as simple as sharing your ideas, creating and implementing them.

Once you are come to terms with what you are passionate about you can begin to think of turning it into a business and generating income. Here’s how:

  1. Create a website – Whether you choose to launch a free website at Blogger or invest a couple hundred dollars with a self hosted themed website this is needed.
  2. Launch a Page on Facebook – This is free so why not?!? Get a community built around your new found business and be sure to share your excitement.
  3. Get Affiliated – If you are strictly a blogger and not offering product a great way to make a few bucks is to get affiliated with companies that relate to your website. These companies will pay you for bringing them customers! You can become an affiliate for Amazon, Google Adsense, CJ.com, and MySavings to get started. Be sure to insert affiliate links where needed, but, be careful not to overdue it. Your readers won’t want to feel like they are being pressured to buy something every time you publish an article.
  4. Make Money – Listing products on your website and getting paid instantly is so easy with a e-Commerce cart or utilizing Paypal Tools. Which ever you decide, make the checkout on your website super easy for your customers.

A few things you will need to quickly realize is not to become obsessed with your new found “business”. Take things slowly and think it through. Rushing into anything is only setting yourself up for failure and a disaster. Look at this business adventure from every perspective possible and be sure to think outside the box.

At the end of the day you are trying to make money. However, you don’t want to kill yourself doing it! You may consider seeking out a mentor, joining a local small business op or just talking with other business owners in the area. Talking with others and having them see your new business from a different perspective may be what you need.

One last tip in turning your passion into income is to keep a journal of all your thoughts. As time passes you will have ideas that you will need to implement immediately while others will be put to the back burner and often forgotten. At the end of the day have fun with your new adventure.

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