7 Cheap Romantic Gifts for Her

RomanticIt doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day in order for you to pick up a gift for the person that you love. It may be your anniversary, a birthday or you may just want to get something that shows you partner how much you love them. Either way, romantic gifts are always great. Now, I know that all of us don’t have a ton of money to spend on romantic gifts, so I’m going to go down a list of some cheap romantic gifts you could get for your significant other that they will definitely love. There’s nothing wrong with getting a cheap gift, so don’t be down on yourself about it. I guarantee you will put a smile on your loved one’s face, because they’ll appreciate the fact that you were thinking about them. Now, let’s get started on this list of cheap romantic gifts.

#1. Chocolate

Chocolate is a woman’s best friend. Period. Also, chocolate isn’t very expensive, so you can get a box for less than $10 and it should last a decent while. Unless you’re getting chocolate around Valentine’s Day, because that’s when the prices get marked up.

#2. Roses

A lot of men out there think that roses are really expensive, but they’re not. The only reason they think they’re expensive is because they typically only buy them around Valentine’s Day, which is when the prices are sky high for roses.

#3. Romantic Card

Guys, women absolutely love to receive cards that remind us how much we mean to you. You may love us, but we like to be told every now and again just how much you really do love us. One of the great ways to do this is by getting us a card. If you’re on a really tight budget, you could always consider making your own card. Those are always more personable, anyways.

#4. Cook Dinner

When is the last time you decided to cook a homemade meal for that special someone in your life? I know that a lot of men are intimidated in the kitchen, but you don’t have to be. Find a recipe online and follow the instructions. Make it a candlelight dinner for an even more romantic effect.

#5. Make Her a Custom CD

I know this one may sound too cheesy, but it works surprisingly well. Make a CD filled with some of the songs you both really like and that remind you of good times with each other. What’s the first song you ever danced to? Maybe a song was playing when you shared your first kiss? Put stuff like that on the CD and she will absolutely love it.

#6. Write Her a Poem

Reading a poem that was written specifically for you is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Write your girl a poem and I guarantee she will get butterflies.

#7. Write a Song

Are you musically inclined? If so, you should consider writing a song for the woman you love. This falls into the same category as the poem. Butterflies will be felt.