7 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Grocery Shopping Trips to Save Money

grocery shoppingI hate to say this, but my husband and I used to be absolutely horrible when it came to eating out. I mean, we both live such busy lives that it’s very easy and convenient for us just to go through the drive-thru at McDonald’s and pick something up. Unfortunately, this is a really easy and quick way to blow through your budget, because all of those little, quick trips through the drive-thru can really add up.

One of the main reasons you need to start planning your grocery shopping trips is to avoid eating out, so you cook more of your meals at home. That’s why it’s so important to plan your shopping trips and this can sound like a royal pain or a daunting task, but it will help you stay on budget. That being said, below you will find reasons why you should start planning your grocery shopping trips.

#1. Take Note of What You Have

It’s important that you go through your pantry and refrigerator before you go out to the grocery store. That way, you know exactly what you have, what you need more of, etc… There’s been too many times when we thought we had enough ingredients for a meal, but we didn’t, and it was the perfect excuse to order pizza.

#2. Pay Attention to Sales

It’s important that you pay attention to sales that are currently going on and you comprise your grocery list of mostly items that are currently on sale. This little tip helps me save as much as 50% on my overall grocery bill for the month.

#3.  No More Quick Trips to the Grocery Store

Plan out your meals in advance and get all the ingredients you need to make them. That way, you won’t ever have to run to the grocery store, because you forgot something. This is a waste of both time and gas.

#4. You’ll Avoid Junk Food

I make my list in advance and I stick to that list. That way, I’m not as tempted to go through the junk food aisle and grab unnecessary sweets.

#5. You Save Time

It may sound like a chore to plan out your grocery shopping trip in advance, but you’ll actually save money. With a plan, you know exactly what you need, so you can go a quick in-and-out at the grocery store. Without a plan, you’re trying to think of what you’re going to make for the week and you’re trying to remember all of the ingredients that go with everything.

#6. It’s Easy

Planning out your trips is actually pretty easy. There are plenty of apps out there if you have a smartphone that you can download and use to plan out your shopping extravaganza.

#7. Less Waste

It may be shocking, but people typically end up throwing out as much as 30% of their groceries. If you plan on your grocery shopping trips, you’ll be less likely to waste any of the groceries that you buy.