9 Uses for Pantiliners and Pads That Can Save Money!

save money with feminine products

Okay, so obviously pantiliners and pads are designed for a pretty specific purpose. But, what happens when you don’t need them anymore and you’ve already stocked up on months—or years!—worth? Or when you just have so many that you’re running out of room?

Well, the good news is that, like mot other products, there are several alternative uses for pantiliners and pads. You can even save money and time, or get yourself out of a sticky situation with feminine hygiene products!

Who knew?!

Here are nine alternative uses for pantiliners and pads, and—hopefully—nine ways these can help you save money!

1. Remove Nail Polish

Don’t laugh, now! Pantiliners work great for removing nail polish! Just saturate part of a pantiliner with nail polish remover and rub to remove the polish. You should be able to remove all of your nail polish on both hands with just one pantiliner.

How you save money: You won’t have to spend money on cotton balls or cotton pads.

2. Replace Nursing Pads

Cut an ultra thin pad or pantiliner in half and press them into your bra when you’re nursing. They’ll absorb any leakage and save your bras.

How you save money: You won’t have to fork out the money for expensive nursing pads. Plus, you won’t ruin your bras.

3. Prevent Sweat Stains

I’m sure you’ve heard this tip before. Peel the backing from a pantiliner and press it to the inside armpits of your shirts. The liners will help absorb excess sweat and keep you dry.

How you save money: No more buying sweat shields, and no more ruined shirts!

4. Line Shoes

Placing pads in shoes can come in handy a few different ways. First, the pads will absorb sweat and odor, leaving your shoes less stinky. Thicker pads can also provide a little extra cushion and prevent your foot from slipping inside the shoes. When you’re done using the pads or liners in your shoes, you can just throw them away.

How you save money: Insoles and shoe odor products are expensive!

5. First Aid

Keep patiliners and pads in your first aid kit too. They can be used to stop bleeding, just like gauze.

How you save money: Save a little extra money on first aid supplies, but still stay fully stocked in case of emergency.

6. Clean and Dust

You can use pantiliners and pads to clean up spills and dust furniture too! It may seem a little weird at first, but you might not want to go back to paper towels and rags after you try it!

How you save money: Use fewer paper towels and special cleaning rags.

7. Ice Boo Boos

Wet a thick pad, place it in the freezer, and use it to ice injuries. They work just as well as regular ice packs.

How you save money: There’s no need to buy special ice packs anymore.

8. Potty Training

Pull-ups and special potty training diapers can be super expensive! When your little one is almost potty trained, you can help prevent accidents by placing an absorbent pad in their underwear.

How you save money: Have you seen the price of potty training diapers? Yikes!

Can you think of any other ways feminine products can help you save money? Chime in below!