Becoming an Empowered Consumer – Show Notes

This was the topic for our radio show last week.   Here are some tips we shared to improve your shopping experience:

  1. Be an educated consumer.  This includes being knowledgeable with your store’s coupon and return policy.  A call or email to your store’s management will most often help you get a copy of their coupon policy.  You can also find coupon policies posted in the Frequently Asked Questions threads at each store’s forums on Hotcouponworld.  It is also important to understand how manufacturer coupons work: one coupon per item, what are store coupons and what are manufacturer coupons, etc.  It is also important to understand return policies: what can you return, within what period of time, do you need a receipt, etc.
  2. Keep calm, make your point and know when to walk away.  Unfortunately a lot of frustrating experiences stem from misinformation: maybe the cashier doesn’t know the store takes internet printable coupon, or how to adjust down a coupon.  As hard as it is keep your calm, it will be easier to get your point across this way.  However, also be aware that there will be times when no matter how much you explain the store employee will just not get it.  When this happens stop wasting your energy and as the person to void the items from your order.
  3. Don’t be afraid. Never be afraid to elevate your complaint.  Start from the bottom, if your problem is a cashier then move up to the assistant manager, then to store manager, then district manager and so on.  If all else fails, then get in touch with corporate.  The more to the point and polite your communication to store management is, the more likely you will hear back from them.
  4. Email companies. If you are dissatisfied with a product don’t hesitate to email the maker to let them know about your experience.  I have had good results doing this usually resulting in replacements and free coupons form the companies.  At the same time if you are happy with a product or with the way you are treated at your local store email companies about that.  Hopefully it will result in the employee getting recognized for his work or if you emailed about a product you may get coupons to try other products.

These were just some of the tips we shared.  if you haven’t had a chance I encourage you to listen to the show.  I have placed the Blogtalkradio widget on my right side bar so you can listen to it right here.  I also hope you will tune in for future shows.  Thank you to those who have done so already.