Five of the best coupon sites to help you save money online

Statistics show that in 2021 alone, 145 million adults in the US used some sort of discount or coupon when purchasing online. That number alone had increased by 22% from 2015, and we can see why. Though the world has categorically shifted to a place of uncertainty and expense, consumers still love the feeling of ‘value’. Regardless of whether they’re only saving a buck or two, the psychological element of coupons is the real reason for this rise. Value plays a fundamental part in persuading customers to purchase an item they may have never needed. Those dollars saved are classed as ‘value’, which they can use towards other elements in their lives – and we certainly don’t blame them. Getting a steal is the real reason we all love to dig deep into some research to find some coupons, but the world has moved away from the paper-back coupons we all know and love.


Today, the trend of virtual coupons is something that is growing increasingly common. Specific stores have even created their own digital space to ensure that they get returning customers, and the customer believes they are making a great saving. There are plenty of websites available on the market to help you find the best deals and whether it’s with your groceries, online casino savings, clothing, or luxury, there is a coupon for everything. We have pulled out five of the best sites for you to look into so you can sit back, download, and get ready to save some money.


  • Casino and Betting with Sports Lens


We all want to make a saving when we’re dabbling on the tables, so it’s a good job we’ve hunted out a massive $1,000 bonus at Bovada. Head over to Sports Lens, where you’ll find a huge Sportsbook Welcome Bonus with a 50% match deposit up to $250. There’s not much better than winning in sports betting, but finding new types of casino bonuses certainly takes the crown. This deposit scheme offers you a head start into picking up the best bet you can and getting a chance at lady luck on the slots. There are always new bonuses added to this site, and whether you’re betting with Bovada or not, these coupons certainly give first-time buy-ins a good go at seeing green.


 2) Lifestyle with Dosh


Dosh is a card-linked App that you can download onto any smartphone, and it will automatically put cash into your wallet. What could be better than that? Millions of people have made money on their spending at hotels, restaurants, and stores through this virtual coupon app, so it’s a must-have for savvy shoppers everywhere. Linking the retailers directly to you, Dosh provides a service that is streamlined like never before. This initiative drives you to the store and leads you to purchase more, as you are always making a saving. The app is even available in your top choices to pay like Venmo or Jelli, so they are making coupon-searching a seamless and automatic affair. Along with offering coupons and money-back to their customers, they also help the retailers by delivering unmatched marketing and advertising.


3) Everyday purchases with Ibotta


Ibotta is both an app and a physical website that offers you cash back on your everyday purchases, just like Seven-Eleven. When you sign up you are automatically gifted $10 on your first $30 spend, and you’re constantly earning cash as you continue to buy. It’s a completely free cash-back reward service that helps with everyday purchases like groceries and food. With over 2,700 retailers included in that give-back initiative, you’ll never be stuck for your cash reward. Whether it’s for food or alcohol. Electronics and more, Ibotta will pay you in cash for that spend. Just 11 years since its founding, the company has gone on to give out $1.2 billion in cash rewards – count us in!


4) Everything with Target


It wouldn’t be an article about savings and coupons if we didn’t give Target a mention. The home to the trusty cash savers, Target has its very own savings and rewards app. It’s completely free to join and you’ll be offered exclusive deals and earn 1% every time you shop without your RedCard. To top it off, this company also gives you a free present on your birthday, so the target hauls are well worth the journey. Just download the app, add your coupons into your virtual wallet and scan and go!


5) All coupons at Don’t Pay Full


DontPayFull is a multinational online business renowned for its diverse types of coupons and discounts. No matter what you are looking for, you’ll be guaranteed to find an offer on this site. Whether it’s Walmart, Amazon, eBay, you name it – it will be there. This site is crawling with top deals, so your purse strings can forget staying closed. Long gone are the days when you’ll be clipping coupons from boxes, you’ve now got sites that generate codes just for you. Perfect.