Daily Money Tip: Use a Foaming Soap Dispenser

Today’s Daily Money Tip is about saving money using a foaming soap dispenser. Recently, my five year old moved on from taking baths to taking showers. When he first started doing this I gave him his own bottle of body wash. I noticed that he was taking some time to be done. After a four days he asked me for a new bottle of body wash because he had ran already out!

This was NOT good and I had to put a stop to it. Then I remembered that I had kept an empty bottle of Kandoo Foaming soap. I filled it with what was probably 1/4 cup of Johnson’s Baby wash and the rest with water. Shook it around a little bit and voila! I had made my own body wash refill. Now, he is using more moderate amounts of body wash.  As a bonus, his showers are shorter now that he is no longer playing with the soap making bubbles.

This is another great thing to do with hand soap and even dish soap as well. You do need the foaming dispenser, so if you don’t have one consider investing in one. But after you have bought one refilling it on your own is very easy.  Amy at Amy Loves It shows you how you can make your own gentle hand soap refill.

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