Gas Prices Getting to Us

According to this article , Americans dramatically decreased their amount of driving for the month of March 2008. Compared to the same month we drove 11 billion miles less. I don’t think price was over $3.50 back then either. With prices comfortably at or around $4.00 this Memorial Day weekend, I can hope that gas consumption will continue to go down.

A while ago I wondered what would take for us to cut back on how much gas we use. Back then I said that it just seemed that what the trade off of staying home/not going out didn’t seem worth it. I guess I have also reach that tipping point because I have cut back on how many times I get out of the house these days.

A year ago I tried to be out of the house every morning. Now I am trying to keep it down to three times a week. Two of those times are for my son’s activities. Then one time is for me to hit the gym. I am not giving up on keeping healthy but I can combine one of my son’s activities with me getting in some gym time as well.

I am sure it will take some adjustment but it is the summer and we have a big backyard and a park within walking distance. This is turning out to be the summer of keeping it simple.

Check out to see how “walkable” your address is. I just learned both of my grocery stores are about one mile away. I knew they were close but not exactly how close. Great site! Thanks Elizabeth.