Grocery Challenge: Week One

Dear readers, I was not joking when I said I would follow the All You Grocery Challenge with you.  I spent some time yesterday going over my pantry and freezer and assessing what was there.  With that on hand I built a menu for the first week and a shopping list for the staples I need.  My goals in following this challenge are:

  1. Trim my grocery spending and trim my pantry.  It is time to put to good use all of the food that’s sitting in my pantry and freezer.
  2. To provide those of you that are doing this challenge with encouragement and support.  Hopefully we will be able to get through this successfully together.

I intend to provide you with an update at the beginning of the following week of my spending and how well I did sticking to my planned menu.  Menu planning has always been a challenge for me so this will be a good exercise.


Cereal, Oatmeal, Pancakes, Blueberry muffins and crepes (mix or match for the next seven days)

Lunches and Dinners

Monday – Lunch: Leftover grilled chicken

Dinner: Spanish Chorizo Fritatta (using chorizo and cheese from freezer and potatoes from pantry)

Tuesday – Lunch: Leftover fritatta and salad

Dinner: Tuna Caesar Salad (using tuna and salad dressing from stockpile)

Wednesday – Lunch: PB Sandwiches and salad

Dinner: Chicken pot pie (using mixed vegetables, cubed chicken and pie crust from freezer, canned soup from pantry)

Thursday – Lunch: Leftovers or hot dogs and salad

Dinner: Tyson Heat N Serve from freezer with broccoli from garden and Mac N Cheese from stockpile

Friday: – Lunch: Tortellini (from freezer) with pasta sauce (from pantry) and salad

Dinner: Homemade pizza with flour, cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni from stockpile

Saturday: – Lunch: leftover pizza

Dinner: burgers from freezer, baked beans from pantry and fresh corn

Sunday: – Lunch: Boiled shrimp from freezer,   steamed vegetables and corn fritters (using left over corn)

Dinner:  Out?

Yesterday I hit Walmart for the staples we needed, mostly fruit and spent $29.02 on this:


A cantaloupe melon, two containers of OJ, buttermilk for the pancakes, grapes, apples, sliced turkey, bread and two pints of blueberries.  Can you believe it?  Because my husband couldn’t!  Just the apples and the grapes were almost $10 and the OJ was $6 for both but it’s my husband’s favorite.  It should all last us for the next ten days though.  After this my next shopping trip is to the grocery store on Wednesday night for milk and whatever is cheap after doubled coupon.