How to Identify a Toxic Relationship

toxic relationship

Even if nobody likes to admit it, we have all experienced a toxic relationship. It took us months or even years to identify a toxic relationship and admit that there is a problem and that we need to face it before it is too late.

But luckily, there are some sure signs that tell you that you are in a toxic relationship. Most of the times we are blinded by love, memories and by other beautiful feelings and we try not to admit that there is a problem. But our gut feeling is always right so if you feel something is off about your relationship, you’re probably right and you should look for some signs and then take a decision.

A Passive Aggressive Behavior

A passive aggressive behavior coming from your partner can be toxic and it can ruin your life. Because you start questioning everything you do and feel guilty about it. This is where your partner wants you to be. Lacking confidence, not feeling in control of the situation, completely exposed, vulnerable and easy to manipulate. It’s a harsh reality, but it often happens to the best of us.

The Difference between Criticism and Feedback

Constructive feedback is useful in any relationship. It helps us become a better version of ourselves. We sometimes can’t be objective when it comes to ourselves, so if our partner offers us constructive feedback we know what we did wrong and we know how we can avoid a similar situation in the future. However, if your partner always criticizes everything that you do, this means that you are in a toxic relationship. We are all humans and we are prone to making mistakes since there is no such thing as perfection. But we are also great at something. We are capable of many beautiful things and we deserve our partner’s support. If he doesn’t offer it, you lack support from the one you love, you are being disrespected and you can easily feel bad about yourself and end up having low self-esteem. This isn’t love; this is a toxic relationship and you need to get out of it and find someone who appreciates both your qualities and flaws. Because this is what people that are in love do. They support each other and help each other be better at what they do.

Not Taking You Seriously

If your partner doesn’t take you or your dreams seriously, he proves that he’s immature and disrespectful. Everybody deserves to be taken seriously and his or her passions should be left alone and respected.

You’ve Changed

If your friends and family seem worried about you and tell you that you have changed and point out what you are doing differently, this means something is wrong. If the people that care for you are genuinely worried about you and feel that you are not being yourself, it’s time to let go of the toxic relationship that you’re in. You deserve to be happy, not fall into a pit of misery , depression and isolation. You deserve to become better at what you do, not give up on you for the sake of an awful, toxic relationship. It takes two to tango and you both deserve to be happy.