Magformers Up To 49% Off! Choose From A Variety Of Building Sets!

Amazon has select Magformer sets up to 49% off! If your kids haven’t played with Magformers before, these would be perfect for their Easter Baskets. My kids LOVE them! They are awesome for quiet time, church bags, and even road trips! Here are some of the deals I was able to find:

Keep in mind, Amazon pricing can change at any time! Don’t wait to purchase this deal or it might be gone when you come back!

Also, if you prefer, a lot of these same sets are being featured on Zulily. Some are even priced a tiny bit cheaper. However, Zulily does have a $6.99 daily shipping rate. So you will have to pay that fee on one of your orders. Once paid you can shop the rest of the day with free shipping. All of the sets featured above will ship free on Amazon. I always compare items on Zuiliy with Amazon to see who has the better deal.