Menu for Next Week Expanded

Next Thursday (3/12) my sister and my niece are coming to visit us for 10 days. Since I need to be prepared for this visit I have prepared a menu for the next two weeks.
Here goes:
Monday: Tuna Casserole
Tuesday: Pepper Steak
Wednesday: Frittata
Thursday: Chicken Tenders
Friday: Pot Roast
Saturday: Chicken and couscous
Sunday: Chicken Quesadillas
Monday: Broccoli Quiche
Tuesday: Lasagna
Thursday: Meatballs
Friday: Pepperoni rolls

This one will be very much subject to change as we will be running around and will probably have to grab something to eat on the road. As far as grocery list, I really don’t need to buy any meat. I have tons of cereal, oatmeal and eggs for breakfast. Just really need to get vegetables, lettuce to make salads and few other items. Hopefully these two weeks will make a dent in what’s stored in the freezer.

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