I am Already Failing at my Goal this Month

So, I said I would meal plan every week this month and I am already behind. I am about to put my meal plan together. Luckily, on Saturday I made a master list of all the recipes I usually make. So, now I just need to pick from there and match to what I have right now. I have also decided that there will be two leftover nights. Probably one of those will be “your are on your own night” meaning we each find something to eat. This works for us because a few times I don’t want to have a heavy meal and I just have cereal for dinner and my husband just grabs something from the freezer.
OK, so here goes my plan for this week:
Monday: Broccoli Quiche
Tuesday: Shepherds Pie
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Beef Tacos
Friday: Pepperoni Rolls
Saturday: Yellow Rice with Chicken
Sunday: Leftovers

We’ll see how I do. I hope I forget to take out the stuff from the freezer to make these.