Natural Headache Remedies to Ease the Pain

natural headache remedies

I’ve been plagued with a terrible headache for the past three days. It comes and goes, but even when it isn’t throbbing, there’s a dull ache still there that threatens to rear its ugly head at any time.

I’m no newbie to headaches and pain in general. I’ve had periodic migraines since I was a teenager, and I’ve gotten myself into my fair share of scrapes and pickles. This headache, however, is becoming a real pain thorn in my paw!

Over-the-counter medicines are typically decent headache remedies for my normal headaches, but this one is bordering on a migraine, and the regular doses of ibuprophen and acetaminophen just aren’t doing it.

Time to bust into my list of other natural headache remedies to ease the pain…


One of the best natural headache remedies is rest. Laying down in a dark, quiet room usually does wonders for headaches, especially migraines. Try laying down for several minutes to an hour.

Cool Washcloth

Dip a washcloth into cold water, wring it out, and lay it across your forehead. You can also wrap a bag of frozen vegetables in a towel and put it across your forehead.

Hot Washcloth

If the cool washcloth just doesn’t work for your headache, try using a hot or warm washcloth instead. Different types of headaches respond differently to natural headache remedies. Tension headaches, for instance, may respond better to warm compresses on the head or neck.


Most people are under the impression that caffeine only causes headaches. This isn’t always the case, however. When I was in the hospital after having my second c-section, I was having excruciating headaches whenever I sat up due to a complication during a spinal block. The nurses and doctors gave me…Diet Coke. That was when i found out that caffeine was one of the best natural headache remedies out there, especially when mixed with analgesics. Even most over-the-counter pain medications contain caffeine, since it actually enhances the drug.


Eating and drinking ginger are great natural headache remedies as well, since ginger is a great anti-inflammatory. You can make a simple ginger tea by crushing up a chunk of ginger root and steeping it in boiling water. Unfortunately, I have no ginger root right now, and I don’t feel like heading to the store.

Go for a Walk

It’s entirely too cold outside for me to go for a walk right now, but this is one of the best natural headache remedies during warmer seasons. Walking increases blood flow in your body, which can help relieve tension and pain in your head. The fresh air can’t hurt either.


Some people swear that aromatherapy is one of the best natural headache remedies out there. I’ve never had too much luck with it, but that many people can’t be wrong. Some of the best scents for relieving headaches are lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Put a few drops of essential oils in a hot bowl of water and inhale the steam with a towel around your head and the bowl.


One of the most common natural headache remedies fro the Chinese, acupressure is surprisingly effective. There are certain pressure points on your body that, when pressed on or massaged for a few minutes, can help relieve headache pain. I won’t pretend that I know the science behind this, but I strongly suspect it’s similar to Voodoo magick. A couple of pressure points for natural headache remedies are between your first and second toe (Huh!?) and the indentations on your neck at the base of your skull on either side of your neck.


What are your favorite natural headache remedies?