Peelies: Take ’em or Leave ’em?


As a couponer, I love peelies! These little coupons are a great way to save even more money, and are ready to use as soon as your hot little hands can peel them off of product!

While reading through a local coupon blogger’s Facebook page today, though, I came across a discussion regarding peelies. One relatively new couponer wanted to know if it was acceptable to take peelies from products she wasn’t buying at the time and use them later.

After reading through the responses to the newbie’s question, I realized just how much of a “gray area” this seems to be in the couponing world. Some couponers abhor the practice of taking peelies and liken it to stealing. Others find it perfectly acceptable for couponers to take as many peelies as they can, regardless of whether they’re buying the products or not. Still others are on the fence regarding this issue or seem to find it acceptable in moderation.

I, of course, have my own views about taking peelie coupons…

My Take on Peelies

I’m pretty clear on where I stand when it comes to taking peelies. The way I see it, peelies are physically attached to products. They are intended to be used on that product to increase the marketability and chances of a particular product being sold.

Removing peelies from products without buying them hurts the manufacturer, the stores, and other shoppers. Manufacturers or stores who notice a great deal of peelies being taken from products may be less likely to offer these types of promotions in the future. And that means less savings for shoppers in the future.

Since peelies are attached to products, I also see them as part of that product or its packaging. Think of it this way… Would you cut the UPC or Box Tops off of products without buying it? Probably not.

While others may see peelies as free for the taking, so to speak, I do not share this view. I may not go as far as labeling peelie snatching as outright stealing most of the time, I do believe it’s just plain unethical and rude at best. For instance, some full-size products have free samples loosely attached to them in some way. Does this mean that just because it’s free, then it’s free for anyone to take? Absolutely not!


Is it ever alright to take peelies from products we don’t buy?

We can all hop up onto our high horses and get all self-righteous, but that would most likely be hypocritical. Chances are we’ve all done something that could fall into the couponing gray area. You may have even taken a peelie or hangtag coupon once or twice…without buying the product.

I absolutely cannot condone thae act of taking every peelie coupon in sight and leaving a shelf full of products with nary a peelie in sight. However, is taking a peelie or two from a product always wrong?

I personally haven’t taken a peelie without buying a product, but I’m not going to completely shun anyone that has. I’ll admit that I’ve even been pretty tempted to snatch a few peelie coupons from time to time. Sometimes you run across a peelie for a super rare coupon, like a coupon from a manufacturer that hardly ever issues coupons or a coupon for fresh produce or meat. Or you may find a peelie that will get you an amazing deal during an upcoming sale. Tempting, I know! I also don’t see a huge problem with removing a peelie to use on a different flavor or scent of the exact same product right then and there.

When it comes right down to it, I don’t have a huge problem with other shoppers taking peelies off of a package or two now and then. Snatching every peelie in sight, though? Yeah, I have a huge problem with that! If you’re going to take peelies without buying products, there’s really not much anyone can do about it. Just leave enough for the rest of us!

What do you think about taking peelies from products you’re not buying? Yay or nay?


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