How To Make A Profit Without Leaving Your House

Given the current circumstances, the idea of making a profit without leaving your house is probably looking pretty attractive to you right now. There’s a good reason for that; many people are struggling with drastically different or suddenly non-existent work environments thanks to the advent of the ongoing coronavirus crisis. If you’ve found your life turned upside-down by a change in circumstances, you might be looking for new ways to make a profit online. All of the ways we’ve assembled to do just that in this guide don’t even require you to leave your home; you can make money with these pursuits without even leaving the comfort of your office space. Without further ado, here are just a few of the ways that you can make a profit in 2020 without having to leave your house.

Selling old stuff

Everyone’s got stuff lying around in their home that they no longer need, right? We know we certainly have. If you find yourself accumulating junk in an old spare room and you don’t know what to do with it, consider selling it off if you think it might have some resale value. It’s not always easy to know exactly what could make you a profit – some things are definitely more effective in this area than others – but you could be sitting on an absolute treasure trove that you’re not using to its fullest potential. Electronics, curios, and even clothing can all be sold to make a profit on sites like eBay. The next time you’re thinking of having a clearout, don’t indiscriminately throw things away; try sorting into piles of “worth selling” and “not worth selling”.

Online casino gaming

You might not think of online casino gaming as a legitimate way to make money, but that’s where you’d be wrong. The fact is that if you treat it appropriately – if you make sure that you’re playing your games right and developing the right strategies – then online casino gaming can become a lucrative and profitable source of income for you and could even replace the job you’re currently doing. There are plenty of websites out there that let you play slots without making a deposit, so you can enter into the world of online casino gaming in a no-risk manner and find out whether it’s something you would enjoy on a more regular basis. Don’t write off online casino gaming as a means for making a profit; it can be significantly more effective than you might think in this regard.

Filling out surveys

Filling out surveys is never going to make you insanely rich within a short space of time, but you’d be surprised how quickly the money can accumulate if you do it consistently and often. Sites like SurveyMonkey and Swagbucks offer the chance to fill out easy, quick questionnaires in exchange for quite often small amounts of cash or gift cards. Do this often enough and you’ll quickly find that the rewards you’re gleaning from these surveys are piling up. Remember to play the field; if you’re not seeing potentially lucrative surveys on a particular website, you may well find them on another one, so search regularly for good survey sites. There are also excellent browser extensions that can find surveys for you.

Becoming a tutor

Do you have a significant amount of expertise in a particular area? Is that niche underserved by existing tutors? If so, you may well be able to make a very tidy profit as an online course tutor. This involves far more steps than simply knowing something about a subject and deciding to teach it, of course; you’ll need to understand the audience you’re pitching to, find a reputable e-learning platform from which to teach, and promote yourself, so if you’re not willing to put in the work then it may be worth looking elsewhere for profit. Still, tutoring can be extremely lucrative, especially if you can teach English to non-native students; that tends to be a skill that’s massively in demand on a regular basis.

Trying out freelance writing

As a freelance writer, you could be called upon to write about anything from tech to business all the way through to fashion and beauty tips. If you think you’ve got a reasonably flexible writing arm and don’t mind trying your hand at some new stuff, freelance writing could be the way for you to make a decent profit. Editing is also something you could try; although freelance editors are often required to have qualifications, this isn’t always the case, so if you have an eye for detail and can easily catch mistakes and errors in a text, then you could give editing a go. This is an easy way to make money without leaving home because you’ll never need to work in an office environment to do this job.

Checking out Amazon MTurk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service allows you to complete short, menial human-only tasks in exchange for small amounts of money. Each task pays pretty small change – a cent here, a few cents there – but it all adds up eventually. The tasks aren’t likely to take you more than a few minutes to complete, either, so it’s well worth your time. These are tasks that machines aren’t able to complete; some tasks might involve identifying the emotions evoked by certain works of art or identifying advertisers within a text, for example, tasks that machines might find difficult. For the most part, MTurk tasks should be completed alongside a regular job, because they aren’t time-consuming and don’t pay well on the whole. As a supplement, though, this is an excellent option.

Starting a blog

Just like online tutoring, blogging could be for you if you’re an expert in your field and have knowledge on a particular subject to share. There are prerequisites to starting a blog; you should be knowledgeable, capable of writing well, and able to network with other bloggers, because without these skills you may find making a profit in the world of blogging to be fairly tricky. There are various ways for bloggers to make money which include sharing affiliate links, writing content that’s sponsored by certain brands, or appearing in other areas to promote their content and offer their services. By no means are blogs an unprofitable venture, but it may take some time and effort for you to become established on the blogging circuit as a profitable writer.

Selling old books, CDs, and tech

Did you know there are a whole host of websites out there whose main purpose is to buy old media you have lying around? It’s true; sites like Mazuma, MusicMagpie, and Ziffit will take items you don’t use anymore, provided they’re in decent condition and are still usable. They’ll often take the items even if they aren’t in good condition, but you’ll receive a vastly reduced sum for them, so think about whether it’s worth sending off those items before you do. Often, you can make a lot more than you might think through this method, and if you have CDs, books, or games that aren’t being used, then it’s worth getting rid of them if it means they’re going to turn a profit for you. Start rooting through your physical media collections and seeing if there’s anything that can work for you!

Becoming an influencer

During the height of the coronavirus epidemic, social media influencing took on an entirely new meaning. Influencers were suddenly valued just as much for homey, organic-feeling content than for the kind of glamorous wish fulfillment they usually indulged in. The world of social media influencing is changing all the time, so if you like the fast-moving arena of social media and want to get involved, you could consider becoming an influencer. This line of work is not easy; it’s perhaps even harder to get paid than it is for blogging. Influencers make money primarily through partnering with brands, so it will take some time for you to become well-known enough to make this work worthwhile. As an influencer, though, you’ll create content people will love and get paid for doing it.

Getting a conventional job

There are still jobs out there; it’s just hard to know where to look during the time of coronavirus. Many employers and businesses are still looking to hire just as many employees as they normally would, but you’ll likely be completing interviews and work tasks from home rather than at the office. There’s no reason why the coronavirus shouldn’t spur you on to the career change that you’ve been dreaming of for many years, so if you do find yourself at a loose end in terms of work, that doesn’t mean you should stop your job search. The actual process of coronavirus job-hunting is slightly different and you may find that the opportunities aren’t the same ones you might find during non-pandemic times, but there are still opportunities out there for the enterprising job-seeker.