Save Money on Alcohol for Weddings, BBQs, and Other Celebrations

Save Money on AlcoholAlcohol can eat a big chunk of a budget for a wedding, large BBQ, family reunion, or other large celebration. While you could forego serving alcohol at all, you may not have to. Check out these ideas to help you save money on alcohol as a host.

1. Buy Larger Quantities of Alcohol

Generally, buying alcohol in bulk will be less expensive than buying in smaller quantities. You can typically save money on liquor by buying the large jugs, for instance, as opposed to smaller bottles. If you want guests to be able to serve themselves easily, without having to fumble with a heavy jug, you can refill a smaller bottle or decanter it when it gets low. If you’ll be serving wine, buy boxes of wine, and if you’ll be serving beer, consider buying a keg.

2. Limit When Alcohol Will be Served

A good way to save money on alcohol as well as help keep guests sober is by limiting the times when alcohol will be served. If you’re throwing a formal soiree, for example, serve drinks with dinner or have a cocktail hour.

3. Limit the Types of Drinks Served

One of the easiest ways to go way over budget on alcohol for weddings and other celebrations is by trying to serve all different types of drinks to please everyone. Instead, consider limiting the types of drinks you’ll be serving. Only offer one or two types of beer, one red wine and one white wine, and a basic selection of liquor and mixers. In fact, one commonly overlooked expense when serving alcohol is the cost of the mixers. Stock up on a small collection of basic mixers or serve a simple signature drink.

4. Serve Non-Alcoholic Drinks

If you’re throwing a party and serving alcoholic beverages, you most likely know that you should also be serving non-alcoholic drinks as well. However, this point definitely bears repeating. Make sure you have several non-alcoholic drinks readily available for guests, including water and soda. Not only will this help keep guests from becoming too intoxicated, but it can also help you save money on alcohol.

5. Keep Your Guest List Down

Take a look at your tentative guest list. Do you really need to invite your third cousins twice removed as well as their foreign exchange students? Probably not. If you’re worried about going over budget on your party, consider trimming your guest list a bit. That is, of course, if you haven’t already sent out invitations! The less people at your party, the less money you’ll most likely need to spend. A smaller guest list can help you not only save money on alcohol, but save money on other party necessities as well.

What tips and advice do you have for people looking to save money on alcohol for parties?