Save Money with Used Kitchen Appliances

I want you to think of  any all of the kitchen appliances you own.  Now, think of all the ones you bought or received as gifts and barely got any use.  Chances are pretty good that you have at least one kitchen appliance that fits that description.  This poor appliance is probably just sitting there in perfectly good condition waiting for the next garage sale when you decide you might as well get sell it to get some money for it.

The fact is that there are many times when we think our life would be easier if we owned a certain appliance.  If we had that, we would use it a lot.  But for some reason or another that does not turn out to be the case for you and me and many others. So for those appliances that you don’t think you will use every day but that you would like to get consider buying them used.

I find garage sales, the thrift store and Craigslist to be great places to find a good deal on things like breadmakers, juicers and more.  I can’t think of the many times I have found breadmakers for $5.  In fact that’s how much I paid for the one I own and it was still in the box it came in with the price tag on it for $129.  If you are squeamish at the thought, let me tell you that chances are pretty good you will find units that have been used once or twice, in excellent condition.

You know what I don’t find very often at Garage sales? Pots and pans in barely used condition.  Even if someone doesn’t cook very much, they get used for boiling water for pasta or making scrambled eggs.  Pots and pans are things that get used every day and what I am trying to tell you is invest on the things you use every day and cut corners on the things that you don’t.