Save on Back to School Shopping with Tax-Free Holidays

Every year certain states offer a tax holiday to help their residents save money on back to school expenses. A lot of these tax holidays take place during the first two weeks of August. if you have any big ticket items to buy and live in any of these states, make sure to wait until the holiday to shop. Also stop by Coupon Cravings to read her three tips to maximize your savings. Here are the states yet to have the tax holiday:

  • Alabama: On Aug. 6-8
  • Connecticut: On Aug. 15-21
  • Florida: On Aug. 13-15
  • Illinois: On Aug. 6-15
  • Iowa: On Aug. 6-7
  • Louisiana: On Aug. 6-7
  • Maryland: On Aug. 8-14
  • Massachusetts: on August 14 & 15
  • Missouri On Aug. 6-8
  • New Mexico: On Aug. 6-8
  • North Carolina: On Aug. 6-8
  • Oklahoma: On Aug. 6-8
  • South Carolina: On Aug. 6-8
  • Tennessee: On Aug. 6-8
  • Texas: On Aug. 20-22
  • Virginia: On Aug. 6-8

Each State has a list of exclusions and limits.  Consumer Reports has shared these details here.