Sunday Link Round Up

In this “I am at SXSW” link round up, first and foremost I want to direct you to this great series being written by Bargain Briana: 15 Days of couponing. Newbie or experienced couponers alike can benefit from the knowledge and information being shared by Briana in these great series. Previous installments include: The Language of Couponers Translated, Where Art Thou Coupons, Know Thy Coupon, and so much more.

Patricia from “From Wags to Riches,” explains to you your Rights and Responsibilities as a Customer and Couponer. Have you been frustrated by poor customer experiences lately? You may want to read this one.

Are you a blogger and wondering what you can do to get sponsored to conferences by companies. Then you don’t want to miss the thorough advice given by Tara in “How to Get a Blog Conference Sponsorship.”

On other frugal topics:

I love this post by Amy from MomAdvice on how to Throw a Babyshower on a Budget.

Check out this Mini Loaves and Mashed Potatoes recipe from $5 Dinners. I made them this past Thursday before I left and they were delicious.