The Beauty of a Curious Mind

curious mind

All of our lives we have thought that curiosity isn’t such a good thing after all. What about that saying: curiosity killed the cat? That scared a lot of kids as it was supposed to. As kids we needed restrictions from our parents. We were surrounded by dangerous things, things we did not know about, things that could have harmed us, etc.But now, since we’re all grown up, we find it hard not to notice that curiosity in fact has many advantages, and a curious mind can be a beautiful thing. Having a curious mind is essential in this world. It helps us develop as individuals and it helps us achieve many beautiful things.

The Health

A curios mind equals a healthy mind. The brain constantly rearranges itself and it creates new connections on a regular basis thanks to our curiosity. We react to unpredictable situations better (because our brain rearranges itself faster and provides us with the right solutions quicker) and our flexible, adjustable way of being allows us to achieve what we want and it can also save us from dangerous, life threatening situations.

An Almost Flawless Memory

Curiosity improves our memory. If you have a hungry mind, if you’re always curious for more you tend to acquire information faster than others. You also “store” information much longer than the rest of the population.

Curiosity Works as Motivation

Most of the times, a curious mind can work as motivation. Our curiosity tests and pushes our limits, making us avid for learning, avid for knowledge. While others find it hard to stay on track with all the information that is coming our way, curious minds tend to have a better grasp on reality and they seem to love what they are learning. They don’t even see it as something difficult; they see it as a challenge.

The Bright Side of Things

Recent studies have shown several links between curiosity and happiness. Curious people seem more optimistic than the rest; they find solace in information that they acquire and along with knowledge comes confidence, power, kindness, empathy. The more informed you are, the more understanding and forgiving you become. And once you get the hang of life and you gain more insight on human nature and human behavior in general you can explain some patterns better and learn not to hold a grudge or be angry on someone or something because everything is temporary.

Childhood and Maturity

There is a certain playfulness attached to curiosity. A person with a curious mind seems young at heart, but they tend to think and act like grown-ups when the situation demands it. Curious people know how to enjoy life and how to act like responsible adults when it is required. Even if you don’t have the answers to everything, you do have some ideas about things, in general.

More Efficient

Curious people know all about planning. A curious mind can be very productive and can reach the perfect solution in time. Looks like the saying is true; knowledge is power.

Do you have a curious mind…? How has it helped you?